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Ford Freestyle Lights and Headlights

junejayjunejay Member Posts: 1
I have a 2005 Ford Freesyle that has a problem with the head lights. The head lights turn off and on (very dim) after about 30 minutes while it is in the garage. As soon as I open the a door to see what is going inside, the head lights go back to nornal. The dealer said that it does not do it with them. Maybe it has to be dark place in order for it to do it. It starts OK. Has anyone had this problem.


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    stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "I have a 2005 Ford Freesyle that has a problem with the head lights. The head lights turn off and on (very dim) after about 30 minutes while it is in the garage. As soon as I open the a door to see what is going inside, the head lights go back to nornal. The dealer said that it does not do it with them. Maybe it has to be dark place in order for it to do it. It starts OK. Has anyone had this problem."

    Did you try turning the headlights off (rather than to automatic)?
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    nibyaknibyak Member Posts: 26
    There is a TSB on 2005 headlights. I don't have access to the entire TSB but your dealer does. Here it is:

    TSB data for: 2005 FORD FREESTYLE
    Bulletin Number: 0551
    Sequence Number: 10014682
    Date: 20050321
    Component Name: 110000 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
    Make: FORD
    Model: FREESTYLE
    Year: 2005
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    bearbear2bearbear2 Member Posts: 2
    I just took delivery of a 2007 Freestyle. The left headlight is mis-aimed, much too low. The owner's manual shows an adjustment screw to aim vertically. My vehicle does not seem to have this adjustment. How do you aim these lights?
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    freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    take it to the dealer
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    mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Just call ahead and let them know when you are stopping by.
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    bearbear2bearbear2 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks to all that replied. Here's the resolution. I made a stop at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership where I've been getting service for about 20 years. (Service dept has changed.) The service writer offered NO ASSISTANCE, asked why I would want to adjust the headlights, and only offered to come back Monday. I then went to a Ford Dealership where they exemplified everything good about customer service. The service writer couldn't find the adjusment but got a mechanic who showed it to me. IT IS AN 8mm NUT THAT AT FIRST GLANCE LOOKS LIKE A MOUNTING BOLT. As I've adjusted headlights for 40+ years at night using a brick wall, I had no problem making a quick adjustment. Guess which dealership will now get my business.
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    hulksragehulksrage Member Posts: 1
    i recently purchased a used 05 freestyle that only had 34000 miles on it,and in only three months my dash lights started flashing and at different times my gauges will go dead then suddenly come back on.now my check engine light is on,what on earth is going on .i need help...
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    passat_2002passat_2002 Member Posts: 468
    Sounds familiar.. and covered elsewhere if you bothered to do a search. There are a couple of Technical Service Bulletins on the Instrument Panel of 2005 Freestyle's that were manufactured before a certain date in February 2005. See your Ford dealer.
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    official22yrsofficial22yrs Member Posts: 2
    How do I turn off the dome lights when the tailgate is open?
    I have a 2007 SEL AWD, I tried the adjuster for the dash, no luck, do I just remove the fuse.
    I bought a tent to hook up to the back of the car. Thanks
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    foes4sportsfoes4sports Member Posts: 1
    Just found the following fix and it works like a charm! With the tailgate open use a screwdriver to force the tailgate lock into the locked position. It will take 2 pushes to get it into its fully locked position. The lights will stay on for the same amount of time that they do after closing the doors and, then, they will shut off. To close the hatch, just pull up on the handle that you use to open it. Excellent and simple!!
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    motorjokermotorjoker Member Posts: 1

    i`ve now the same issue. What have you done?
    please help
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    wailstockwailstock Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2007 Freestyle and the first time I turned on the map lights both of the switches stuck. The lights are not on but the switches will no longer move to turn on and off. Is there a fix for this?
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    bobthebikebobthebike Member Posts: 11
    I had the same problem and they had to order a new map light unit. Good Luck!
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    sunsoakedinflsunsoakedinfl Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 Freestyle has only 30k miles by 2012. It is my second car. One day not only did the dash lights go out, but the gauges as well. I took it to a dealer. They said it was a bad
    "module" and it would cost $750 to fix.
    I had already been burned paying $6k for a rebuilt transmission when it only had 28k miles on it.
    So not only do I not have a speedometer, but no gas, temperature, or warning indicators.
    So for several months I drove it as is hoping I could judge my speed correctly and get gas before it runs out.
    HOWEVER, one day my battery was too low to start it. It was in need of replacement. I have a charger w/ a boost circuit to jump with. I absent mindedly hook up the cables backwards. Not able to turn it over still, I went to check my cable connections only to notice small streams of smoke coming off the terminals. I switch the cables and not only did it start but the dash lights and gauges were all working. Even the odometer appeared to still have kept track of the miles.
    For several months, no problem w/ the dash. however, the problem came up again. This time I am thinking of doing the same thing only w/ one battery cable attached. I am a bit leary. I think I'll start at the trickle voltage level and hope that will be enough to "reboot"
    the system.
    By the way, all the time the dash is out the backup lights are on all the time when its running.
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    menu07menu07 Member Posts: 1
    :cry: I have a 2005 freestyle awd and replaced the tranny 6 months ago, and last month my gauges started doing the same thing flashing on and off,my reverse lights flashing on and off as well, the panel going completely dead and the only indicator light being on was the air bag light also as soon as I would unlock my car the gauges would be flickering before I even stuck the key in the ignition so I searched another forum I use and it says that the problem was due to bad solder joints on the panel so I took it out and re-soldered them as others said they had done (there is a TSB for this problem, Ford knows about it) it seemed to work but after a day of driving it, it was back to the same old thing. And to make matters worse my transmission is now out again???? I contacted Ford all they said was save your receipts in case at some point they start a forgiveness program, gee thanks for nothing. Also my car has experienced the lunging and surging issue as well. For those of you who haven't experienced that one you are lucky, it's a real treat when you pull up to a stop light or into a parking lot and you are scared to death what your car is going to do, is it going to actually sit there when you apply the brakes or is it going to lunge forward nearly causing you to wreck. I guess it's a good way to get exercise though since I am so scared of bashing into the front end of someone elses car in the parking lot so I park all the way at the end where nobody else is at. Oh yeah my warranty on my tranny expired 7 days before my tranny went out, now here I sit after putting everything I had into this car and it is just sitting there we are a family of six and have to save for everything we have and we dont have the money to fix this pile of crap Ford produced. Also if those problems aren't enough for you this car eats brakes as well. :lemon: Any suggestions?
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    rpjaraderrpjarader Member Posts: 1
    We had the same issue all the gauges shut down, wrench light, engine ligts, everything came on giving the code odometer reading error. We took to the mechanic and he ran a set of test and spoke directly with Ford who told hom that we need to replace the insturment cluster to the car. We went ahead had the work ordered, waiting 2 and 1/2 weeks for it to be completed, go it back! the car ran fine for about a week and then did it again, so the mechanic replaced it again. THis time when we picked it up the lights didn't work and the issue was still there. Took it back for the third time to them, and the called me after a 1wk and a half to tell me that they were taking into a ford certified mechanic to review the car. Called to follow up today, and they tell me that the ford mechanic can't get the cluster to program to the car and that is the problem. They have no idea how to fix it. So now I am worried that I am sitting on a hunk of junk!
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    fixorrepairdafixorrepairda Member Posts: 1
    My 05 Ford Freestyle has been having issues for 3months and mechanics can't seem to figure it out.. signs lead to alternator but they've replaced alternator,battery and it still does the same thing.. while ddriving w/heat on and lights on it will surge.. lights will dim then go bright... like every few minutes..the heat/air will be soft then loud, while using the charger plug in(i have 3) ive tried each one while using dvd players in car.. it will cause the dvd players to stop and restart(players are new and it does it with all the plugs..i've tried them). Ford is saying it's showing the pcm or alternator.. pcm is $900 new can't find a used one.. ford can't guarantee this will fix the problem.... any suggestions on what to do... a little history on my vehicle.. i've had the computer update to fix the problem where it didn't want to stop... i've cleaned the throttle body... i've also had the "dogbone" like structure replaced...hadd the regulator fixed ..i've put alot of work into this vehicle since the summer.. beginning to wonder if i should trade it out!!
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    blake123blake123 Member Posts: 1
    my 2005 ford freestyle will only allow the bright lights to work like the lever on the steering wheel is not making contact or something. the bright light symbol is always on when lights are on. any suggestions?
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    aubrey37aubrey37 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Freestyle that I purchased in February, would anyone know why, when the car is off, it flashes the parking lights dimly for like two seconds then stops? Not often maybe every couple of hours or so. Someone said it may be a low battery, but it is less than a year old and I never have problems starting it. And by the way, happy to say I've only had an ac problem which was fixed through the warranty. No other issues thus far.
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    jshadeipsjshadeips Member Posts: 1
    05 freestyle interior and headlights dim and then come back to normally - thought it might be an alternator - alternator checked out, not under a load, but cheked good just running. any ideas?
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