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climate control question

travlindudetravlindude Member Posts: 3
edited April 2018 in Chevrolet
It seems like my problem started out with a clicking under the hood, then I replaced blower control module, then the compressor stated "grunting" when the clutch engages, after 2-3 grunts it runs until the low pressure cutout takes it out at 28#. I have also replaced ambient air temp sensor, this am and still no ac or heat will come on inside the chev. Yesterday I raised the low pressure to 31# and the compressor will stay running after it quits grunting 2-3 times. When I could get the compressor to run it would make cold air, with the higher pressure the evaporator fan would run, and the grunting noise was worse. For the outside ambient temp the low side should be 30-35 and the high side should be 180 which is the reading I have, which leads me to believe the valves are not broken in the compressor and it turns easily when turned by hand, so I doesn't seem to be the problem.. If the expansion valve/line strainer were clogged due to the dryer desiccant failure my reading would be way off, from what they are. If I could figure out what the clicking noise is, & if it's part of the AC, or the grunting I could get this climate control system back going. Any suggestions, I realize this isn't much to go on but I'm at a loss. Am I missing a hidden valve in this system, that I didn't learn about in HVAC school 40+ years ago.

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    travlindudetravlindude Member Posts: 3
    I would like to add that for the first time the clicking as started with no HVAC running. I believe it's not related to the HVAC. My vehicle is a 07 chev Trailblazer with 112000 miles.
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    travlindudetravlindude Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, I appreciate your info, I have done what you suggested to the compressor, I've evacuated the system and refilled with the proper amount. I'm checking the damper doors for proper operation, and through this processor I pretty sure I have found a bad blower motor control module. Still working on this ac......
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