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2001 Honda Odyssey put into Reverse by accident while driving 50-55 mph, now car won't reverse...

aridianseaaridiansea Member Posts: 1
edited April 2018 in Honda
It drives just fine, otherwise, though.

But no reverse.

Roommate accidentally shifted into reverse (don’t ask) on his Honda Odyssey 2001, going about 50 -55 mph.

He just bought this car and the catalytic converter was apparently stolen from it before he got it so the car is very loud. Sounds like a motorcycle.

He is saying that the loudness of the car made him nervous and this is part of why he shifted into reverse while trying to shift into another gear. It’s a very, very, very loud sound, so I think I believe him.

Anyway, as I already mentioned, the car won’t reverse, now. It makes some sort of whiny sound, like it’s trying to work the way it’s supposed to, but it can’t and doesn’t reverse. It's noticeably quieter today than yesterday, however.

Is this the end of the Honda Odyssey or can it be repaired? And if it can, will it cost an arm and a leg or be fairly cheap?

Otherwise, is there at least something that we can try to fix the problem, at least temporarily?

If not the issue with the reverse, is there a temporary fix for the catalytic converter issue?


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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    It may be time for the great Odyssey junkyard in the sky somewhere. The cost of a rebuilt transmission and a new catalytic convertor may easily exceed the value of this Odyssey. If the Odyssey is otherwise a beautiful, pristine low mileage car it could be worth fixing otherwise probably not.

    Used parts could be a remedy but be careful since a lot of those had transmission troubles.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Oh, it may be possible to replace the convertor with a straight pipe but it'll fail emission testing like that.
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