swapping a 95 blazer grill and lights to a later model

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Heres what i am looking to do, I would like to change out the grill and lights in my 95 to the later model grill and lights. Did they change in 96 or was it later than that? also, are the fenders and the hood the same? I am trying to figure out exactly what I would need besides the actual headlights and grill to do the swap. Thanks in advance for any help


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    I recommend posting your message in either the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy: Problems & Solutions where other owners will more likely see it.

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    looks like you did already, thanks. so anyone know what i would need for the swap?
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    I have a 2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4. This year when I started to use the A/C it worked fine but after I would restart the car the fuse ( IngE ) 10amp in the fuse relay box under the hood would blow. I can turn off the A/C, turn off the car, put in a new fuse, start the car, turn on the A/C and it works fine. If I turn off the car and start it back up the fuse blows again. Does anybody have any ideas? Everything else works in the car fine.
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    Try the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy: Problems & Solutions discussion; it's more active.

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    Hopefully this will help someone else, but I did this swap on my 95 S10. It looks great. I had to replace the radiator support and buy the clips for the headlights.
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    i just bought this truck. the day i went to pick the truck up, the guy i bought the truck from put an "L" shaped vaccum hose link, UNDER the truck. its now 2 weeks later and the truck seems to have a rough idle all of a sudden. cant figure it out then it hit me. its a vaccum leak! but where? cant think of, or find anything, under the truck or hood, where would something be under there or am i looking in the worng places?
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    I have a 4 button system, and the only time 4wd works is when the truck has been sitting for like a day and you start it and push the button right away. If you wait it will throw on the service 4wd light and just flash. I have checked out many of the postings on here about the 4 button syestem but have had no luck. any idea's???
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    Hi go to Car-Part.com enter your info and this will tell you when change was made and what parts have 2 be changed btw fenders and hood are the same not sure about core support tho go to carpart and ck it out
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