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2019 Volvo XC40 - Price discounts?

areway3areway3 Posts: 14
edited April 15 in Volvo
Are there any incentives or discounts off the MSRP yet. Am looking at a $46k MSRP . Already know the MF and RV but am trying to find out the Cap Red. price.


  • cmancdf1cmancdf1 Posts: 10
    The most any dealer has offered me (out of 3 different dealers) was a whopping $500 off MSRP plus the $1000 loyalty discount. They're all using the same canned line that the car is hot and it's won a big award and each dealer is only allotted 2-6 units per month and blah blah blah. Good luck- I'm thinking with a little haggling you may be able to squeeze out another $500 for a total of $1000 off MSRP or perhaps try to negotiate in some add-ins for free.
  • ckitchyckitchy Posts: 5
    Same here in Southern CA. The MSRP on the Volvo website when I price it out compared to offers from many dealers is about $3-4K less for the Momentum w/several packages. Unwilling to negotiate, kind of jerky for "luxury car dealers" too. First experience trying to lease and first experience buying a Volvo. I already told one of them, i'm sure he's reading, they'll be begging me to buy their cars in about 12 months when they have too many on the lot and they're bouncing around to another job b/c they're not making quota. ;-)
  • MdoodlesMdoodles NJPosts: 2
    If you could wait a year or go for the Momentum without the sunroof option, you may have better luck in negotiations. There are 3 volvo dealerships within an hour of me. Not one had the exact model, color, and features I wanted and weren't expecting to get one until December. Dealers are on a ticket system for new inventory and are getting orders and deposits faster than they can get stock. One dealer actually even showed me the full list of XC40s they would be receiving before October and not even one of those fit exactly what i wanted.  I eventually found one about 70 miles away that was the color scheme and had all my must haves... Just was missing some of my "wants". AFTER the sale, the sales guy said they've received 15 so far and only had 3 left... All without sunroofs. He said the r design is impossible to get stock of and most people want the sunroof (like me). The dealer ended up giving me a great deal on my trade in and I ended up leasing because it was missing a few features I wanted. But all said and done.. it was at full MSRP within 24 hours of them receiving the vehicle on their lot. 
  • areway3areway3 Posts: 14
    Am finding same non-negotiating position among the three Volvo dealers here in Charlotte as well as others in nearby cities. The car is hot, they know it's hot, and they['re not budging. Fortunately, I'm in no hurry and can wait for initial excitement to level off. I've NEVER bought or leased a car at MSRP and have no intention of doing it now.
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