Toyota Avalon Quality Control Issues

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Let's talk about the things you see as quality control issues - rattles, transmission hesitation, whatever - here!


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    If you're here to learn of the concerns raised by some as to quality issues regarding the third generation Avalon now on the market, you may want to take the considerable time to review past discussions that formerly were posted prior to May 15, 2006 at
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    I need some reassurance about buying a 2007 Avalon after reading an article in my local paper which panned the 2006 Avalon for having Quality problems. I was quite surprised by this since my 1998 Avalon XLS has been trouble free, with the exception of an A/C problem repaired by my dealer at no cost. I would like to hear from 2006 Avalon owners regarding the quality of there vehicle. Right now I'm thinking Buick Lucerne instead.
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    I'm quite happy with my '06 Limited. I would imagine that in the four+ months before they roll out the '07's any lingering quality issues would be solved.
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    I will try this again. I love my '06 XLS. Except I have a rattle that I have tried to have fixed twice and it looks like I have to go in again and have it looked at. Otherwise I love the speed, the ride, the stereo, lots of places to put my stuff, seats are finally getting comfortable after a few months, and I think it looks great. Toyota has been good at at least trying to figure out the rattle thing. I think they are sending it to the body shop next, to help me out. I have tried 3 different rentals since I bought this car and I wouldn't trade my Avalon for anything. Hopefully the rattle problem will be fixed soon!

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    We love our '06 Limited. None of the quality issues have surfaced. At least not yet. The Lucerne is a sweet car if you don't mind low MPG (with V8) and large turning radius.
    Also, I know GM trade-in values are usually fairly low compared wth Toyota. I have never owned anything except GM until now and the Avy is probably the nicest car I have ever owned. Fast, smooth, and respectable MPG. IMO the build quality is superior to any GM. The local Toyota dealer treats us like we are his only customer. Never had that experience at the GM dealers.
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    jawbone1940. Bought an 06 Limited in Silver Pine Mica in Jan. so far, BAR NONE--Caddy, Lincoln, Buick, Pontiac and Volvo's I've owned this the BEST car ever! This is my 1st Toyota. Realize some folks have had problems and I hope they get them rectified. I have 3,300 miles--barely broken in and on a trip 30.4 MPG at 75 and running around here in the Ozarks--hills and all--27.6 MPG. I test drove a TL, G35, ES330 and a Lucerne---Avaoln to me was a no brainer!! I have to admit, the Lucerne was an awesome car. Biggest concern was 1st year reliability and I knew I wouldn't get the great gas mileage. Took my buddies on a trip to Springfield, MO to Bass Pro--they couldn't believe how quiet and comfortable the car was--those in the back thought they were in a limo! I can only HIGHLY recommend the Avalon---safe, quiet, reliable and great looking--people can't believe it's a Toyota. Good luck!!
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    Thanks to those who replied to my post, your info was most helpful, looks like 2007 Avalon will be in my driveway when it is available.
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    A national finance magazine is looking to interview consumers who purchased a Toyota Avalon and have been frustrated with the problems of the vehicle. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Thursday, May 25, 2006 by 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST containing your daytime contact information and the year of your Avalon.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
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    Here's what I find to be so frustrating with my '05 Limited. Some days not a rattle, other days rattles from 3 different places. My service advisor is happy to try to help. No complaints there. In fact he says, bring it over when it is making the noise (intermittent rattles). Unfortunately, the noises don't occur when I'm close to the dealer or I would.

    This car is a fine car, but it is flawed. Quite frankly, I had less problems with my '99 Chrysler 300M and that's what bothers me. I was expecting better body integrity.
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    We discovered the source of 2 mysterious intermittant rattles. Perhaps one of these is yours too. The first rattle would come from the passenger side when unoccupied. It turns out that sometimes when the seat belt retracts it gets turned askew and the metal clip lies against the hard vinyl strip on the side between the front and back seats. When you drive on a less-than-smooth road the empty front seat shakes and pushes the clip up against the hard vinyl causing the rattle. The second mystery rattle took us months to discover. Sometimes it would come from the right rear, sometimes the left rear, and sometimes both! It comes from the back seat belts when the seats are unoccupied. If the clip is lying low on the seat belt, the metal clip will bang up against the little button attached to the belt webbing that serves as a stop so the clip won't fall all of the way down. If you push the clip up so that it sits on the top of the seat back, the rattle disappears. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your help. I was able to figure out the front passenger seatbelt problem and the dealer fixed it by reversing the buckle.

    Your really big help was on the back seat belts. I'm going to have a friend drive around while I'm in the back to see if what you suggested is happening (the metal belt banging against the button on the webbing). If not, I'd gladly take suggestions from others. The noises make me CRAZY. Maybe I'm cheap, but man I think I paid a lot of money for a car that has all of these little annoyances.
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    After reading several peoples accounts of their problems with their 2005/6 Avalon in the Long Island Newsday, I decided to write and add my protest and my thoughts. This is my third Toyota and this is my second Avalon. My first Avalon was a 2001 XLS and I thought it was perfect. I compared it to a Lexus LS400 which was my previous car before I bought the 2001 Avalon XLS. The 2001 Avalon XLS had everything that the 1992 Lexus LS400 had but for tens of thousands less. The Avalon was quiet, spacious and very well engineered, ergonomically and technically. I did not have one complaint. When my lease was up on the 2001 Avalon, I bought the newly redesigned 2005 Avalon XLS. What a mistake. I thought the 2005 would be just as perfect that the previous model, but I was wrong, very wrong. Only after I picked it up did I start noticing all the deficiencies and problems. If I had known or noticed even a third of these problems, I would NOT have bought the Avalon. Allow me to list them:

    1) Sluggish throttle and hesitation in acceleration and shifting. I thought this was a problem, but the mechanics at Toyota told me that this was "normal" and refused to write it up. When I accelerate, the car would hesitate for about a second and then it would accelerate. This was dependent on the speed and it is very annoying. Very bad mistake

    2) The lid that covers the radio was sticking and it would take me 30-40 pushes to open the lid. Of course, this problem was highly intermittent and when I brought it into Toyota, the mechanics could not duplicate the problem. And of course, when I picked it up, the same problem would re occur. I try to leave it open all the time so I can have access to the CD. Since I picked the car up in April of 2005, the lid currently sticks a little, but not as much as it did over the summer. I question the purpose of the very existence of this lid. What is the purpose? Very bad mistake

    3)The lid that covers the storage bin between the front seats is problematic. If ever I place objects on the lid and forget to remove it before I open the lid, the object would get stuck when the lid opened and it would be almost impossible to remove that object stuck behind the lid. Why does this lid even exist? Very bad mistake

    4) This problem also exist for the lid that covers the cup holders...object can and will get stuck behind the lid. Why does this lid exist? Very bad mistake

    5) The knobs that adjust the seat heaters stick out from the center console, even when it is depressed. I had object catch on these knobs and one day, those knobs will break off needlessly. This control could have been placed elsewhere. Very bad mistake

    6) The controls for the radio and climate controls on the steering wheel is poorly placed. In previous models of the Avalon, I like the way I can hold the steering wheel and still have instant access to the horn. With the 2005 redesign, I have to remove my hand from the steering wheel to depress the horn, thus wasting a valuable second to sound my horn to avert a possible collision and also, not being able to hold the steering wheel with both hands. Very bad mistake

    7) The opening to the trunk is significantly smaller. What good is a bid trunk if I cannot put big things in it? Very bad mistake

    8) When all the windows are fully opened, there is a very loud and annoying oscillation noise created by the buffeting wind coming into the windows. Very bad mistake

    9) The center console protrudes needlessly into the back seat area thus negating the legroom for the rear center passenger. Very bad mistake

    10) What happened to the memory seats that was standard in the 2001-2004 Avalon XLS? I assumed that the 2005 would have the memory seats and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to see it was NOT available in that model line. I thought the XLS was top of the Avalon line. Very bad mistake

    11) The built-in AC Inverter, a very useful accessory, is also missing. I used that very often in my 2001 XLS. Again, very bad mistake

    I feel very saddened and abandoned by Toyota. I think the people that made these design decisions and insisted that they be incorporated into the 2005 Avalon, should be fired. If they only put a little more thought into the consequences of the new design, any moron would realize the negative impact on the ergonomic efficiency of the car. Thanks for hearing me out.
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    This is a laundry list of idiotic complaints! If they were really important considerations, this person should have eliminated the Avalon after one test drive. I have noticed that #8 is a problem, however, any newer car has the same issue since they are not designed to be driven with all the windows open but to have the AC running.

    This tome is not worth the time to read!
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    I have to disagree re the car being designed to have the air conditionig running.I would guess there many drivers who do not know when the air is on or not. If you push certain buttons, not the ac one, the air light comes on indicating it is running. There is no need to have air on all of the time unless mileage and unnecessary compressor premature failure are of little concern.

    I know people who run the air on,winter and summer.

    Everyone has their own points of view about the new avalon.

    I,too, have complained. My limited emblem is on crocked,a touch paint about 1 inch long is on the left rear quarter panel, the dasboard has a 1/4 inch gap at the plastic wood end, the radio door won't open most of the time, even after it was replaced, after working on the dash the door on the navigation unit, has metal to metal contact when opened,the fit of the door and panels are not aligned well,the air bag unit was totally misaligned,this was corrected.

    If you check the fit of the doors, trunk,and hood, you can feel sometimes they are not even,one side the hood is above the fender, the otherside the fender is above the hood. The bottom edge of the doors are not aligned, the front door end is 1/4 inch out from the rear door.

    Someone from toyota called these problems "irritations"

    My transmission shifts poorly in stop and go traffic and sometimes gets under your skin. I have the 100,000 mile insurance policy and toyota wil do all of the servicing so time will tell if this a problem later on.and hopefully, I won't have to pay for it.,
    My toyota dealer leaves alot to be desired.Grease spots and return visits do to mistakes issues over again and really not fixing the origional problem.

    I am disappointed with toyota with there fast production lines. They probably think they are making enough money to not fix the small things normally done during typical assembly time and will be way ahead in profit by fixing only ones brought back after delivered. Some owners, if they are like my wife,just drive and add gas and really do not care about items we comment and complain about.They don't check the air in the tires, of even oil level.There are some of us who do care about the quality aspect of a car and others who do not.

    I have been in several assembly plants many times and have watched the cars pulled out to be reworked in a holding area. At one time they were making a car every 4 minutes and would not slow down unless there was a big issue. ange1
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    One of the rattles I had that was the most difficult to isolate turned out to be coming from the moonroof. I found that when I applied upward pressure on the moonroof, the rattle stopped. After several visits to the dealership, they finally fixed it. However, after three quiet months, the rattle is back. At least this time, I know the culprit so my guess ( hope ) is that it will be a quick fix for the dealership.

    If you haven't already done so, do a search for "rattles" and you'll get some other ideas. Good luck! dan
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    Have been a member a couple of years but new to this forum.
    Have read all the 12k plus post the last few weeks as I am
    considering a avalon limited.
    Most of the 10 problems would have been noticed if you checked the car out thoroughly.
    Try running a full tank of gas with all windows down and
    then one with the air on,the windows down mode will probably get worse mileage because of wind drag.
    Go on a road at 50 or so mph no ac,switch to ac and try and
    notice when the compressor kicks in ,very unnoticeable,not
    like a 60's car that would lug down.
    I don't know of any vehicle with no wind noise at highway
    speeds with all windows down.
    Why don't you just leave the cover off if it is that annoying.
    I agree there is the trans hesitation and the gas pedal
    problem for some,but the posters who state there seats are
    like rocks and claim problems that were there when they
    bought the car from day one should have maybe asked for
    another car or never taken delivery.
    Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings.
    P.S The rainx seems to help because you use the wipers less
    but I think when you use them it puts more of a drag on the
    wiper blade,also the wipers seem to wear about the same if
    you use them or not probably from uv rays.
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    Some of these listed 'mistakes' seem more like buyer remorse nit picking. Wind noise and buffeting with all windows down?? Find me a car that doesn't do that and I'll buy it for ya!! Problems with knobs getting in the way?? Sheesh!! Console protrudes into the rear seat area?? This is a problem?? (Most cars have the same feature) Expected to and didn't get memory seats or 120v inverter?? Whatever happened to asking about this before buying the car?? Finding some covers and lids awkward to open?? Why not leave them open?? Fit and finish isn't absolutely perfect?? Take a look at some of the competition. You'll find the Av is far better than most!! (If superpicky is your thing, then you're surely going to find something wrong with any car!!)
    Then there's that oft touted 'hesitation'. Well, electronic xmission controls are different, act different, feel different, and have to be gotten used to, just like ABs brakes when they first came on line. Most people who drive 'normally'(meaning modest accelleration for one thing) don't even notice any differences. Those who insist on instant response, immediate power on jump starts, sports car race speed characteristics, etc., are the ones who complain the loudest. If they want that kind of performance from a family sedan then perhaps expectations are in the wrooong (sp intentional) place!!
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    Just to offer a comparison of 'things to complain about'...
    GM will recall more than 30,000 2005-06 Corvettes after customers complained that the roof flew off while driving the US$45,000 sports car. GM received 395 reports of partial separating of the roof in addition to 21 cases of complete fly-offs.
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    I think a Buick Lucerne is a very nice alternative but a bad choice. For one in only one reason alone. Never buy a 1st model car year, and try to avoid the second model car year. The third or thereafter usually, statistically speaking have fewer ploblems.

    Now, if you absolutely need a car and cannot wait, then buy the model with the least amount of electronic gizmos!!

    02 Avalon XL
    04 BMW 325ci SP
    03 Civic EX (auto)
  • abfischabfisch Member Posts: 591

    While I do agree that the new Avalon, although new and improved to some, is just new and NOT improved to me, their changes probably reflect a bottom line, of consumer wants and profit.

    If I had to buy a family like car right now, I would probably take a look at the Azera and the Buick Lucerne after a couple of model years and the new Avalon focus has actually gotten away from my own needs. No biggie.

    Will see how long this 02 lasts. Have 82K on my XL, and getting ready for a big service, or waterpump, timing and V belts, coolant and thermostat change, and I have a little squeak in the L rear suspension, not sure if just need some lub for the bushing but I'll figure it out. Car runs very good and OEM battery still going strong although I care for the battery every year. TokicoHP struts have gotten a little softer with the miles but still allow the car a very serene level of comfort with much improved handling Might change the lower rear control arm bushings with PU type, just have to see. should last well past 200K, although mileage is slowed as I have bought a used BMW 04 that came over from Germany via a soldier and enjoy that now as well. Both cars have their benefits. The BMW is intoxicating to drive while getting 30.2MPJ on my commute, believe it or not. The Avalon infinitely more comfortable and useful.

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    I had to comment on the seats like rocks observation. When I tested the Avalon we took it for a long drive and were so wowed by the performance and other gadgets that we didn't realize that the seats were literally like sitting on a rock after you sit on the seats for more than a few hours. However now that we have had the car for approx 4 months the seats are broken in (no we are not heavy at all!) and very comfortable. So there is hope out there! ;)

    That said.....the rattles continue to get me down and now the rubber strip that goes around the driver side window keeps getting caught in the window...that sort of thing is not what I expected from a new car. Any new car for that matter. But.....I will persevere and hopefully get these problems sorted out. I still love the car.Hopefully next week I will get help when I take it in.
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    I test drove a TL (good seats), G35 (concrete rocking chairs), ES330 (OK) and a Buick Lucerne (Superb). I love the Avalon seats which are "sofa like" to me and I'm 6'2' and 250lbs. The most comfortable seats I ever sat on were in a Volvo S80---loved the car---didn't consider one as it has just too many problems and reliability is terrible. Good luck fixing your window weather stripping!
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    Lucerne would be up there with the Avalon on my list but
    the V6 only puts out 197hp (28mpg on highway)and the V8 is
    the Northstar putting out 275hp at 25mpg on highway.The
    Lucerne weighs 400lbs more than the Avalon,has a larger
    turning radius and a dount spare,on the plus side Buick
    does have a 4 year 50k miles warr and one may be able to
    get low interest rate (2.9%).
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    I have 06 Limited, I have noticed that my brake and gas pedal buzz at times with wheel motion and engine speed about 1500rpm. It is not bad when I where tennis shoes but when I wear hard leather I feel the buzz and make my feet feel like they are going to sleep. Anyone feels this on their's. I am coming up tp 5k service and will ask for checking the vibration dampening materials on the pedals.
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    Nope, not really. Doesn't say much of anything to me. My '06 Avalon Limited is as close to perfect as any vehicle I have ever owned. Great value for the money! Sorry that a few folks are having difficulty. I hope they get their issues resolved quickly. Mike
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    You have your opinions and I am entitled to mine. There are people who just don't care (or as much) what they drive or how they drive. I believe all things should have a purpose and be well designed. It will be just a matter of time when, at least half of my "idiotic" complaints, will become an issue for everyone who drives this car. Obviously, you haven't driven or owned a 2001-2004 Avalon. Those owners can tell you the differences. I am comparing the 2005 to the previous year models. When you have a winner, you stick with it or try to make it better. I'm just telling you that they failed. And if you were astute to notice the buffeting and oscillation noise, you will notice the other problems. Also, haven't you driven with all the windows down on a beautiful day? Why do you think they put in electric windows at all?
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    06 XL Its kinda like your wife, a few problems, but you still love her.
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    Has anyone had a problem with the inside of the windows hazing.I will clean the windows with a quality glass cleaner and within 1-2 days windows are hazed up.Espically back window .I know that the summer heat causes some type of gas to emit from the plastic in the car but this is ridiculous.
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    You will get this "out gassing" in any car with significant amounts of plastic/vinyl. Be sure to use a glass cleaner WITHOUT ammonia (Stoners is good). It helps to leave the windows down/open as much as possible.

    I've heard that it can take a year or so before this calms down significantly.
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    nimimi: Go to Wal Mart and buy RainX Glass Cleaner-----the BEST stuff I ever used--BTW--keep it away from the wife or you'll be the one "doing the windows!!" It should be with the rest of the RainX products.
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    I thought it was only me. My windows do the same exact thing. It must be something specific to the Avalon. A friend at the office has an '06 Highlander and doesn't have the problem.

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    Nope. EVERY car has this problem when new. If your friend with the Highlander says he doesn't have it, either he can't see or he smokes and that film covers the out-gassing film.
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    Outgassing and the resulting haze is also highly dependent on where your car spends most of its time. If it sits in the hot sun, you will see a lot more film than the same car that sits in the shade or in a garage. Heat liberates much more of the plasticizers (in soft vinyl interior parts mostly) that then deposit on your windshield.

    Cars in warmer climates or in the summertime in cooler climates are going to be worse as well.

    Some cars are worse than others, probably dependent on the quantity, composition and location of the interior plastics. And, this phenomenon can continue to occur for many years, not just the first few months.

    This is one downside of all those "soft touch" interior plastics many people go so gaga over.
  • tjc78tjc78 Member Posts: 14,745
    His is garaged and mine is not. That is probably why I notice it much more between cleanings than he does.

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    Add my '07 Limited to the "outgas film" group. Wondered what it was, never had this before in a new car, including both prior generation Avalons. It didn't happen until the heat of the GA summer hit the 90's. It will reappear in a day or so after cleaning even though the car is garaged every night. Both front and rear glass show the film. Thanks for the explanation.

    As we all know.... nothing is perfect. Still a great car for the money.
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    edited February 2010
    I bought used XL 2006 Avalon with about 80K miles on it.
    1. Front and rear windows both have this ougassing film on it. I will complain directly to Toyota about it, because no way I want to keep breathing this plastic ougassing into my lungs. The views are not entirely clear. I owned 1992 Camry and I was very very happy with it, although it did not have leather seats salon never outgassed and never smelled of plastic.
    2. Window wipers make screeching noise.
    3. There is rust on the wheels that really shouldn't be present on newer car, specially the one driven in CA.
    4. Acceleration is no where near as smooth it was in my 1992 Camry. Car jolts.
    5. On certain conditions when I press the brakes speed doesn't go down, but the car slows down. There is a delay between displayed and actual speed.
    6. The dealer did not mention oil leak recall at all! I found it out after the purchase.

    Most of all I am in a deep shock, of how quality went down compared to older Toyotas. Overall feeling is like I am driving a capricious computer, instead of mechanically perfect car.
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    One year and 3 months ago I parked and killed the engine in my car while I waited in the carline for my granddaughter at school. I was listening to the radio. When she got in the car, I tried to start it up and nothing happened. I assumed it was a dead battery. This is an 05 Avalon(with 35,000 miles) and this all happened December of 08. I got one of the teachers to jump start me, drove home and had my husand go to the dealer and get a new battery. He installed it and all wasy fine -- until today, March 1st, 2010. Same exact situation only this time after being jump started, I went to the dealer to make them exchange the battery. They checked it and said it was fine - plenty of juice and sent me home. So now, I am afraid to go anywhere without a set of jumper cables in my trunk. After reading the "battery" forums, I thought maybe it could be the starter or something because it did make kind of a clicking sound when I pushed the button to start it. Lights were on - radio okay - everything else was working. Anyone have any ideas? Toyota service manager said situation would have to be duplicated before they could find problem. I just don't want to get stranded with grandkids in my car!
  • finfin Member Posts: 594
    Avalons, like some other cars, tend to generate a lot of corrosion around the battery terminals. There are many reasons for this but the point is that the corrosion blocks the battery current from reaching the starter. Everything else will work.... but the car will not start. If you clean the battery posts and the inside of both the cable clamps then reconnect the battery, the car should start if the dealer is correct and the battery is OK.

    This is a simple, and likely, solution. It is also possible the battery cable is failing, or damaged somehow, or that the starter has problems. But go with this for now and see what happens. Post your results, others will have more ideas... :)
  • tjc78tjc78 Member Posts: 14,745
    If the car was fine after jump starting to me everything is fine. The alternator did its job and charged the battery while driving to the dealer. The OP mentioned listening to the radio with the car off. The Avalon (and many other newer cars) have very powerful radios, big NAV screens etc. You just can't play the radio, etc for very long without draining the battery.

    When I had my 06 Avalon XLS (without NAV), I was washing it one afternoon and the radio was cranked up for a good hour, maybe more. Upon finishing I went to start it and it was slow to crank over. Let it run for 10 mins to charge the battery and all was fine.

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    My husband checked the cables, posts and all that stuff. He is a pretty handyman with a car. He thinks it could be something with the starter, too. Dealer supposedly also checked it all out too. I found out my extended warranty is good until 2012, so I'll just put jumper cables in my trunk and try to live with it. Maybe it won't happen for another year. Next year I'll just remember to park in the parking lot at school and not in the car line.
  • lntlnt Member Posts: 192
    The service manager didn't think the radio would do it. I pick my granddaughter up 3 days a week playing the radio every time without a problem, but maybe you're right. I'll start turning everything off and see what happens. If it happens again next year, I'll know that wasn't the problem. Ha. Ha.
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    2006 Toyota Avalon XLS
    The first time the battery failed I was listening to the radio when radio quit. Car would not start, only a relay clicking when attempting to start. Got a boost everything OK. Went to Toyota dealer and they found everything OK. They suggested I need to do more hiway driving.
    The second failure came after parking in my garage and next morning battery was dead. Car was in park and keys removed. Took the car back to dealer again they found nothing wrong. I asked them to replace the battery which they did. All seems to be OK but I am wondering if it will fail again. Any thoughts or suggestions.
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