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2014 Honda CR-V cannot start

michael11212michael11212 Member Posts: 20
edited April 2018 in Honda
Video of the symptom is at https://youtu.be/XAEJaNp1G7c

It was working when I drove it in the morning. But when I left work I found that it cannot be started. At first I was not sure it is the battery problem or the spark plug. If I turned the key half-way, all the indicator lights turn on and it seems that the battery is not drained. However, if I turn the key all the way around, the engine won't start. I borrowed a boost battery and charged my car battery for several minutes but it didn't help. Could anyone help diagnose the problem for me? Thank you!


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,752
    The flickering of the indicators like that suggests poor system power. While that can mean a dead battery and a jump start is required, any poor connection on the power or ground side could result in a voltage drop and the end result is not enough power to operate the vehicle. Start with a volt meter and measure the battery power with the key off. At rest it should normally be 12.4 to 12.6 volts. 12.1volts should still start the car but the battery is discharged and needs recharged.

    After measuring the battery voltage with the key off, repeat with the key on while trying to start or with several accessories turned on. (heater fan, headlights etc.) The voltage should not drop more than abut .1v from the first no load measurement at the battery terminals. If that is OK you now are going to need to move onto the fuse block and re-measure the voltages to the battery negative post, They should all be within about .1-.2 volts of the battery post measurements.

    You also need to measure from the engine block to the battery negative post, that checks the ground cable and it's connections. Anything more than .2 volts would be suspect and further testing to pinpoint the cause.
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    michael11212michael11212 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks @thecardoc3 , for the detailed tutorial! It is really helpful.

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    enrico17enrico17 Member Posts: 14
    Nice insights and instruction.
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