Why is my car jerking?

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I have a 2003 rendezvous. I just got an oil change and tune up, now my car has been doing this jerking when I'm driving. what could it be? I'm just hoping its not the transmission!!


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    There isn't really anything like the part replacement in old days called a tune up.

    What did the mechanic change? Sparkplugs need replace about every 100K per the GM schedule. They should be replaced with the correct AC Delco replacement plugs. Sometimes the part number changes from what was originally put in and that's indicated in the recommended part.

    Did they replace the spark plug wires? Those too should be replaced at about 100K.

    Is it jerking at certain speeds? Or jerking during the shifts on the 4-speed transmission?

    I'd take it back to the folks who put on whatever parts they pushed as a tune up?

    The maintenance requirementss are in the owner manual in the glovebox at the back. Most cars are used under the extreme driving schedule--there are two different schedules in the manual.

    I would only be guessing to suggest what might be wrong that would show up after a service visit, without more description of the symptoms.

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  • queen30queen30 Member Posts: 2
    I jus found out my car has been leaking transmission fluid smh so I have to find the whole  and fill it up with more fluid... hopefully the jerking would stop
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    Try to check the rubber section of a transmission cooler line. Leaks usually occur there.
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