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Subaru Outback/Legacy Buying Advice

zsiberianzsiberian Posts: 6
edited May 2014 in Subaru
This is either a really bad car, a super high price or a best kept secret. Does anyone own one of these? Please share your experience. I'd be interested to know everything from speed and handling to MPG, off road driving and interior feel.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Outback Sedans make up something like 7% of Outback sales. Subaru shoppers like the practical wagon shape.

    Sedans lovers tend to prefer the Legacy GT anyway.

  • zsiberianzsiberian Posts: 6
    This topic is NOT about LL Bean Outback, but a SEDAN. :mad:
    Thanks for clearing up preferences, the percentage figure really helps! :P
    I simply wanted to see if there are any brave ones that got one. (Supposedly it has more ground clearance than Explorer)
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Rob, our Outback has those same hood ridges.

  • zsiberianzsiberian Posts: 6
    You're wrong
    And you're confusing yourself and everyone else (on purpose or our of sheer ignorance) _EDITION_SEDAN
    Click on EXTERIOR PHOTOS and you will see no Outback, but a SEDAN!!! :sick:
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Sorry, I posted those images in the wrong thread by mistake.

    As to the LL Bean sedan—it's an Outback, but in sedan format. It's got the same raised suspension as the Outback wagon. Mechanically it's identical to the LL Bean Outback wagon.

  • snowbeltersnowbelter Posts: 288
    My wife purchased an Outback Limited sedan back in 2000 and loved it. She traded up to a 2004 Outback VDC sedan to get stability control, the H6 engine (the 06 has more horsepower), and a McIntosh sound system.

    She wanted an Outback for the ground clearance (lots of snow here) and wanted a sedan, not a wagon. She loves it. As Bob said, its pretty much the same as the Outback wagon, except it has a trunk that locks.
  • zsiberianzsiberian Posts: 6
    Can you tell me what was the 04 model running for at the time $? Was it always in the 30-ies? I don't see very many people buying this particular 06 sedan, could not find one in stock at any of the local dealerships, and I'm suspecting the prices (just like VW Phaeton) is to blame and it may be phased out.
  • snowbeltersnowbelter Posts: 288
    Pricing has been a MRSP of a few hundred dollars less than the equivalent wagon model. My local dealer keeps one or two around and trades with other dealers on color choices. Its no Phaeton. Think of sedan and wagon version of a Passat. Only with Subaru, most OB buyers pick the wagon.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My point was (and still is) that you will find very few OB sedan owners, they represent a small minority.

  • helveticohelvetico Posts: 2
    First off, I should say that I live in Switzerland, where gas runs over $5 a gallon. I had the XT shipped over from the States because it's unavailable here; I can probably sell it for what I paid for it.

    Why do I want to sell it? The mileage just isn't good enough. The diesel RAV4 available here in Europe gets close to 40 mpg on the highway. It also has vehicle stability control, which the XT lacks. The one big drawback is the presence of only two front airbags in the RAV4; the Outback has six, including front side and side curtain airbags.

    My concerns are twofold:

    1. Is the RAV4 as safe as the Outback? (Does the VDC compensate for fewer airbags?)

    2. Will the RAV4 handle snow as well?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    1. Is the RAV4 as safe as the Outback? (Does the VDC compensate for fewer airbags?)

    That's an apples and oranges situation. The VDC may help keep you from having an accident, but if you should get in one, the more airbags the better. Also, keep in mind that if someone hits you, VDC likely won't help you, but airbags will.

    2. Will the RAV4 handle snow as well?

    Well, the new RAV4 has an on-demand system, which isn't as good as a full-time system like what Subaru offers. Having said that, I'm sure the RAV4 will get you through the snow just fine.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The euro RAV4 is smaller than ours. The USA only gets a longer-wheelbase model, plus the euro one has less content (hence just 2 air bags).

  • Anybody knows that subarus are not exactly gas conserving cars. Looks like someone didn't do research.
    Go ahead and import US RAV4 as they have side airbag option.
  • helveticohelvetico Posts: 2
    Um, looks like I DID do my research: I was well aware of the Subaru's mileage before buying it. American car magazines seem to think they're among the most fuel-efficient AWD's, with the Forester, which might hit 29 mpg hwy on a good day, coming out on top. I get 26 mpg hwy on a good day in my Turbo.

    Two things account for my desire to switch: one, I'm driving a lot farther than I thought I would, and thus consuming more gas. Two, the new RAV4 came out.

    Incidentally, I would not be able to import the model I want, since diesels are unavailable in the US. The diesel RAV4 gets about 40 mpg hwy. Switching to a gas-burning RAV4 to get better mileage makes no sense, as the advantage (3 mpg hwy) is too small to compensate for the hassle of buying one car and selling another.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Within their classes, they are efficient.

    The Forester's 23/28 actually ties the RAV4 automatic AWD model for the most fuel-efficient AWD SUV.

    The 03-05 Forester actually held the crown, with 23/30 EPA mpg. Only FWD RAV4s could match that.

  • I'm looking at a brand new 2005 legacy GT that never sold off the lot. The dealer will make me a deal at $27k. When I run a KBB report the suggested retail is ~21k. I have to run the car as used of course so I'm not getting a clear picture. What do the fine people of this form think?

    KBB Search ======================
    Engine: 4-Cyl. 2.5L Turbo
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drivetrain: AWD
    Mileage: 100

    Selected Standard Equipment
    Air Conditioning Tilt Wheel Dual Front Air Bags
    Power Steering Cruise Control ABS (4-Wheel)
    Power Windows AM/FM Stereo Alloy Wheels
    Power Door Locks Multi Compact Disc

    Selected Optional Equipment
    Front Side Air Bags Rear Spoiler

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $27k is crazy high, was that a typo?

    New they went for about $24-25k with auto. I saw some MT5s for $23k. Thing is, the incentives may have expired, so the deal got worse, not better.

    Run, don't walk. Buy an '06 for less.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    maybe except Legacy Wagon with 5MT.
    Dealer should not charge more for 05 than for 06. The price should be much closer to used 05 than MSRP.
    Follow juice suggestion.

  • Tell the dealer he can keep that pristine car on his lot for some more years..but seriously, that is a ridiculous price!! :mad: I would pay close to krzys suggested...good luck!!
  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    In Minnesota. I didn't buy it because for my lifestyle I needed an OB. That dealer is White Bear Subaru, north of St. Paul. Call 'em to see if they still have it.
  • Thanks for all of your replies. The consensus seems to be that the guy trying to sell me this car is crazy (or thinks I'm a sucker).

    Either way, after thinking about my need for a "new" car I've decided that I'm more interested in a used car then a new car. I've found a 2002 WRX in excellent condition for about $17,000.00

    Anyone have any advice as to what I should look out for when considering this purchase?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Anyone have any advice as to what I should look out for when considering this purchase?

    Anything that suggests that it has lived a hard life. WRX owners, on average, are pretty hard on their cars.

  • maxymaxy Posts: 1
    anyone have any suggestions re best colours for a new gt wagon. am in australia and cars are made in japan so we are not stuck with one colour as US cars seem to be. cars are a bit different too, the interior has no blue, it is all black. actually am leaning towards the diamond gray or urban grey (cant remember what it is over there but it is a slightly darker brillian silver). also having the metal grill fitted. i figure you wont see the bonnet scoop or grill as clearly if i got the diamond gray as they would stand out on the urgan gray. also my current car a forestor xs2.5 only came in silver so need a bit of a change.

    any input re colours would be appreciated.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Go for the darker gray and then get the windows tinted. That would look pretty sinister. :shades:

  • Okay, who knows if I did it right but I wanted to share what I paid for my 2007 Outback wagon in case it helps a novice like myself in getting the price they want.

    I have the All Weather Package with heated seats and a bunch of other extras like all weather mats and compass rearview mirror, cargo light, ashtray and lighter, cruise control etc. Automatic transmission.

    The MSRP with DD was $25,698. I read that I should ask to see the invoice price and it was $24,400. I have no idea if it was the real invoice or not. I offered $23,000 and they accepted it. That included the $750 rebate and a 5.99 interest rate for 5 years. I paid a DD fee of $499 making my total price, before taxes, $23,499.

    I bought it at Mike Shaw Subaru in Thornton, CO ( near Denver). Salesman was Cliff.

    Did I overpay?

    Hope this is helpful for the next person who doesn't really know what they should pay for a car! I think it should just be a law that dealerships have to offer the same price to everyone!!!

    To those who don't know anything about buying a car, NEVER pay the MSRP price and always ask to see the invoice price. Also, go lower than you think is fair, I wish I had, they were too fast to accept my below invoice offer!!

  • Jill,

    Congrats on your new car! May it bring you many happy trouble free miles :)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Demand is strong in CO so people often pay higher prices there. With that in mind, I think you did pretty well. Congrats.

  • mystromystro Posts: 64
    As the subject says,I can't seem to find any GT legacy wagons,a local popular LA car wash rated them as "the best/hottest looking wagons in the world" that's a true five star rating. :)

    Has the the Legacy GT hauler morphed into a "OB" disappointing if so even though I am considering a move to the high risers simply for ground clearance reasons, the GT Wagon...I'd hate to see them fade.
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