Nissan Titan 4x2 vs 4x4

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I am looking to purchase a 2006 Titan in Louisiana. This will be my first truck and the primary reason for the purchase is because of imterior passenger and storage room. I do not expect to be using the vehicle other than on the highway. Can owners offer me thoughts on purchasing a 4x2 vs. a 4x4 model?


  • highrollerhighroller Member Posts: 351
    If you can get the 4x4, i'd get it. But from what you mentioned above, i'd just stick to the 4x2. I tend to look at the 4x4 as off-road usage. It also seems like you would rather want the cool optional accessories/package that may come with your truck. I have a 4x2 and it does everything i expect it to do. If have the cash, go with 4x4 as it has more controls.
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    I currently have a 4X4 and love it. I live in a rugged terrain and use 4WD ;) at least 12 times per year when the weather is bad. Good luck on your choice!
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    I think 4x4s have better resale, or at least easier to sale than 4x2s, for that reason I would spring for the 4x4.
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    Just had a nasty snow storm here in NYC, loving the 4x4 on my Armada. It's great with the huge plowed snow mounds of ice we have here in the city to be able to just drive up on em and park. I have to say though I attribute 90% of the capability to the tires. I upgraded to Bridgestone AT Revos for it in stock size.

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