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BMW X5 Rattles and Squeaks

kenoishikenoishi Member Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in BMW
I have a 2002 BMW X5 3.0 and it has recently developed a rattle in the rear tailgate. I have tried just about everything imaginable to locate the source, but have been unsuccessful. It appears to be coming from inside the upper tailgate, but I am totally stumped on how to remove the plastic panels.

Has anyone else had a similar rattle, and can anyone offer a suggestion on how to remove the plastic panels without destroying them?


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Owners are more likely to see your question if you post your message in BMW X5 Owners: Problems & Solutions or BMW X5.

    tidester, host
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    lennox741lennox741 Member Posts: 1
    Hello! Not sure if you still have this issue, but I've had to deal with it on my girlfriend's X5.........so I feel your pain. If you open the glass portion, you will see these rubber stoppers (one on each side). You can adjust them using a torx (don't remember what size) so that it keeps the tension at the right level which eliminates the rattling.
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    jbarrancajbarranca Member Posts: 1
    This will be the 4th time I am taking my 2001 X5 in for creeking. The last time the dealer replaced the steering box because it had a "hole" in it. Does this make sense? It was under warranty at the time but now it is off warranty. Has anyone else had a similar creeking problem with their front or rear suspension?
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Maybe you can convince them to upgrade you:

    Bumpy Ride: BMW X5 Switches From MacPherson to Control Arm Suspension

    "After 45 years of quasi-religious commitment to MacPherson strut front suspension, BMW has introduced a new model using the oft-preferred unequal-length control arm design used by virtually all manufacturers for vehicles above the entry level."
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    steerclearx5steerclearx5 Member Posts: 1
    After 10K miles, a squeak developed at slow speeds when turning the wheel (both directions). BMW says it is normal, although local dealer replaced the steering column, but noise persists. Any similar experiences?
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    mferreirosmferreiros Member Posts: 1
    Hi having exactly the same problem how did you fix it, the already replace my too rubber stoppers on each side with to that have suspension, good for a couple of days and came back, any hope or help, desesperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    kenoishikenoishi Member Posts: 2
    I went to a BMW dealer service department. There was one service technician that knew exactly what the problem was. He took out a torx (6 pointed) screwdriver and backed off the rubber stopper screw and then adjusted the height slightly higher, retightened the torx screw and no more squeak. You may have to play with the height adjustment, but this seems to work. Good luck !!!
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    bcb1bcb1 Member Posts: 149
    There is an easy fix for the tailgate rattle that costs a whopping $1.00 at Walmart or Lowes. The 3/4" round felt self-adhesive pads - like the ones that go on the bottom of chairs to prevent them from scratching the floor - is all you need.

    Stick one of the round felt pads to each of the rubber bumpers that attach to the vehicle. I don't even recommend messing with the torx screw and moving the rubber bumper in or out. Just stick the round felt pad over top of the rubber bumper.

    Voila! problem fixed. This wasn't my idea, by the way - I got it from one of the discussions on X5world.com -- there are a lot of great forums over there, and believe me, squeaks and rattles come up often. Luckily the tailgate rattle is a common issue and an easy fix.
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    6degrees6degrees Member Posts: 19
    Mine is 2006 X5. I just notice that when I turn the steering wheel both directions especially when drive in slow speed, I could hear sound like wind blowing out side window, "si si si", somewhere from steering column. Anybody has experienced similar cases? How to fix?
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    cgartmancgartman Member Posts: 2
    Over the last two weeks, the X5 developed a very loud squeak in the rr. Will replacing the bushings in the control arm fix this?
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    helping2helping2 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 x5 and the radio won't turn on. I had my mechanic do a scan but it won't comunicate with the radio.Fuses are ok. GPS works but no audio. Any suggestions
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