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I'm seeking help/advice for an electrical problem with my 2010 Chevy Impala. I bought the car used last June (2017) and this problem started happening after several months of ownership.
The blower fan motor in the car will come on at high speed without the keys in the ignition. This has happened more than several times and usually after the car's been driven for a short period of time. The lights on the dash also come on. The way that I've been able to shut it off is by putting the key into the ignition and turning it to the on position and back off. It will continue to run, as far as I know, until I turn it off. It has ran down the battery to a point that I wasn't able to charge the battery back and had to replace it.
I've taken it to 3 places, all reputable, including a Chevy dealership, but they can't reproduce it and can't fix it without the problem happening. I have it in to a fourth place now and hope they can find the problem.

I know there is a problem with GM cars doing this and is not only inclusive for the Impala. I've read on many Chevy forums that the usual suspect is the inline resistor to the blower fan motor. I've replaced this twice with AC Delco parts, but to no avail. All three places I've taken it in to have checked the resistor, motor, etc. and find no issues.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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    If you have been using A/C at all, it 'may' be that after-blow has been turned on. what happens is the blower will stay on AFTER the vehicle is shut off to attempt to get moisture out of HVAC to prevent moldy stink . It SHOULD shut off after 10 minutes I beleieve
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    ray80, thanks for replying. I’ve used both A/C and heat settings and same thing happens. I wouldn’t think that the fan would stay on long enough to drain the battery and I have been paying attention to turn everything off when turning the car off - so dont imagine it has that blow function. 

    Now I just dropped it off with another mechanic tonight and was explaining to him the problem. When he heard that the ignition/dash lights come on too, he pointed to the ifnition switch. So, I hope he’s on to something. I’ll post later if he made the right call. 

    Thanks again for your reply. 
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    I got my car back tonight with a new ignition switch installed and wishing everything was good to go. Well, I was checking out the steering column housing since they had trouble snapping it back in place. While I was attempting to do this, the blower came on at high speed, again! This time, though, the ignition dash lights didn’t come on. So, I’ll be taking it back to this latest shop. At least the mechanic told me he wasn’t going to charge me at this time. He said to drive it for a week and see if it does anything. I thought that was a good gesture and old school. I hate that I got to tell him it’s still not working...
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    I haven't gone to an electrical diagram of your car, but I'm going to guess, _guess_, that it's a body control module problem. I'll have to see later when I have time to spend on a circuit diagram.

    The body control modules have to be programmed to the car, which means a dealer or a shop with a TechII and GM access online to program. I may be _wrong_ on what's required. I've just read about how things are done as others have solved problems.

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    I see that in the first of the 3 blocks, there is an HVAC module and that module links to the blower motor module...

    In the HVAC module there is a section that involved the lights and I believe that is the display light. I do not know where that module is located. Your mechanic, if he's up on his tech stuff should have a reference telling him where and how it can be replaced with a like part number or a replacement updated part number.

    His tech info should tell him if that needs programming by a dealer or Tech II GM access.

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     Hi imidazol97,
    Wow! Thank you so much for providing this information, even if it’s not the solution! I will show this to my mechanic on Monday when I drop it back off to him. I understand electrical problems can be like opening up a can of worms, but would like to think that this problem has been seen before and GM would know what to look for. I’m really frustrated with this and every where I go, I’m dropping money but not getting the problem fixed. 
    Thanks again, for taking time to reply and perhaps finding the solution! 
    Have a nice day!
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