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imageMonthly Update for March 2018 - 2018 BMW 540i xDrive Long-Term Road Test

Although our 2018 BMW 540i xDrive didn't travel far from home office in March, our editors took the blue luxury barge home every night.

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  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    " It's like a big rolling couch with plenty of horsepower to edge out aggressive mergers on Interstate 405. "

    Inquiring minds want to know what "edging out" means, legal or otherwise.
  • carreragt3carreragt3 Member Posts: 9
    Car journalists are a funny, masochistic breed. Instead of simply reaching up and defeating certain capabilities, they leave them on like idiots so they can moan about them. Turn the blind spot indicator off in LA traffic. If you don't like the cruise sensitivity, turn the [non-permissible content removed] off, retards.
    You know, the non-M5 5-series sedans are not supposed to drive like an M2. Look at the target demographic. It isn't a $50K/year car journalist. BMW knows exactly who its buyers are. If you want it to drive like a '90s BMW, buy an M2. Otherwise, look up the definition of "critique," and turn off the the optoins that bother you. That's why they are on/off buttons.
    Thank God you are actually driving the car. Most of your new car reviews are just regurgitations of your model tests from two years previous--or worse, just text pasted from the manufacturer's new model website updates.
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