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now that the new 4 door camry is out...when is the solara due? have an accord going back to honda in june and am looking at my options. also, has anyone seen any pics of the new solara?? thanks...


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    Go to, they have scanned pics of the restyled Solara on their site. Major change is the rear. LED tailights, clear turn signals, and the reverse lights are now integrated into the bumper. On the inside, a pic shows that the green lighting for the climate control is now blue.
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    I saw on website that 2007 Solara apparently is out and Edmunds has some information, but have not found any at dealerships. Does anyone know when Solara's will be at dealers? I did not locate an email that would be answered by a person at Toyota.

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    I am in touch with a Toyota dealer for SE Convertible car in black color. According to the dealer, 2007 car should be in market within next couple of weeks (by June 24th).

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    Just bought a 2007 Solara SE today. Bare bones as far as options...Power Drivers Seat (PEAT), Carpet Mats & Trunk Mat (PV50),Special color (Blizzard Pearl) (PCAT), Toyoguard Plus Protection Group (XY70). MSRP $23,616... paid $21,598.98. Pick it up on Monday. This is my second Solara, first was 1999 and was good except for the Beige Interior. It showed signs of wear way too early. My second car is a 2004 Camry LE and this one will be better... many more standard features. Purchased at David Maus Toyota, Sanford, FL.
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    How is Solara 2007? Any good / bad experiences to share?
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    What can you BUY a 2007 SLE convertible at the dealers with XM radio and mats?

    Anyone ever used a broker to buy a car? The price I was quoted was 2% but not over $660. He stated he could save much more than that at the dealers. I have never done this but it might be worth a try if he get below invoice a good bit.

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    Only have 700 miles on the car but it is getting the mileage advertised for both city (25) and highway (34). Very quiet rather soft ride, kind of like the Lexus ES. Love the standard features that are lacking on my '04 Camry. On board computer is great and the standard 6 Disc CD player works fine. I guess the thing I like best beside the mileage is the RIDE. Car really looks good too. :)
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    Bluegrass5, the best place for you to ask is in the Solara: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.


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    The wife has decided on a Solara, and am just waiting for the 2007s to start hitting the lots. I read more and more complaints about Toyota transmissions not downshifting or lag in acceleration. Has this issue been corrected in the 2007 Solara? If not, I probably won't buy.
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    This IS the LAST year for the Solara. If you like it, buy it NOW. It's G-O-N-E after the '07 model year!!!!!!!!
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    What will they replace it with?
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    gulfrider is it now, cuz you won't BELIEVE what the replacement is: a cross-over/Matrix looking "thing" they call 'The Ace' or FSC :cry:
    Go to the following page:
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    Hi everyone,
    Picked up my conv. on June 13, had surgery on the 14th and couldn't drive it until recently. Maybe I'm being a bit picky, but I feel there's too much vibration when going over a bump or somewhat rough road. Talked to
    Toyota about it twice, and was told that yes there was sokme vibration, but it was in the suspension and there was nothing they could do about it, it is the nature of the beast. Has anyone else out there experienced the same type problem?
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    Hey there.. I am about to buy a 2007 Solara and can't decide which engine to buy. I drive approx 25k a year combination hwy and town. Any suggestions based on experience? I do enjoy driving and was thinking the V6 would be a better experience, but now I'm hearing the 4 is just fine, has better gas milage and no timing belt. Any thoughts?
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62 certainly vibrates! :( I recently bought an '06 SLE vert, and read extensively about the 'shudder' in these forums. But people with a lot more convertible experience than I have say that, when you cut the roof off a car, you compromise the structural integrity and the rigidity of the frame is lessened. Supposedly happens to all verts - maybe not those in the $70K and up range - but the car rides so nicely otherwise that I just take the shaking in stride. I'm not sure about the 'issue' being the suspension, tho.... :confuse:
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    08 will be the last year for the Solara. Toyota does five year cycle runs on their cars.
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    I have a 2006 Solara. I've brought it to the dealer who's checked for balancing, alignment, etc. The manager told me something very similar to what's been posted here. The car vibrates as a result of the reconfiguration of the frame. It's somewhat harmonic, but should be seen as normal. I'm dissappointed, but I drove my friends Chrysler Sebring conv the other day. It vibrates a litte, too, but handles much worse.
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    I am looking to get an '07 Solara SE coupe as well and am only planning on adding the Stability/Traction package, otherwise all the standard features seem sufficient for me (coming from a 1999 basic model Corolla w/ no power anything!) I was just wondering how you like the car and if you have any issues with the visibility out of the rear view mirror? I've been reading the discussions about the rear headrests being a factor for the convertible owners, does this also affect the coupes or are the headrests adjustable? I test drove a Solara yesterday, but all they had on the lot were convertibles so I did get a feel of the visibility problem, but wasn't sure if that was exclusive to the convertible or not. I'm aware that I will have to order the car I want since they don't generally sell many SE coupes and therefore do not keep them in stock. Just wanted to know about the visibility factor and how you are enjoying your coupe. I plan on ordering within the next 2 weeks if I can see an SE in person to be sure of what I'm getting. Thanks!
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    Does anyone have any experience with the Toyota Solara wind screen?
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    I bought a 2007 solara convert about a month ago, and it is great. There is a visibility problem when the top is up, or if you use the boot covering the convert top. I find the boot is useless. It is inconvenient, and blocks sightlines. Otherwise, rear visibility is OK.
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    I have a wind screen...and I love it. Have had a problem with it falling down at one point, but the dealer fixed it. Makes a BIG difference in comfort, especially on the highway, blocks both wind and noise. What were your questions?
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    My only question was relative to its effectivness in blocking wind and noise, that you answered. I presume from your reply that it helps the front seat. Right? Also, how does it affect the rear seat room and visibility? Thanks for your reply!
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    Yes, front seat only...back seat is 'useless' when using the windscreen because it has a mesh cover that goes from the windscreen and attaches to the back of the back seat, so you can't use the windscreen with back seat passengers....I guess it would prevent stuff from flying out of your back seat, I actually have never tried that though.
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    Thanks for the great input. Is the back seat affected when not "using" the windscreen? Where is the screen when not being "used"?
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    The windscreen is need to put it on and take it off as needed. It slides into 2 slots on the backseat side panels behind the front seats. When not in use, it fits nicely in the trunk, lies flat on the trunk floor so doesn't take up any space. The backseat isn't affected at all by not using it...just gets windy back there, not bad on a bright sunshiny day!! BTW, I happen to live in the northeast..and temps have been in the 60's here. With the windscreen up, it's wonderful on a sunny day...if it gets a little chilly, between the heated seats and the sunshine, no problem...ahhh, I love my car!!
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    Again, I thank you for the input. I live in the midwest with similar weather as you--so I'm going to get it and give it a try. I'll be driving down to Florida soon and it sounds as tho it will be great on the highway. P. S. I also love the car, except for the rear visibility with the top up. But you get used to it! The '07 made an improvement in the headrests to help a little.
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    Wow!! I would LOVE to get a windscreen, for exactly the reasons you mentioned, plus stuff DOES fly out of the back, even when it's placed on the floor! :cry:

    Do I have to buy it from the dealer, or is there another option?

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    The dealer is the only place I know of to get it. My local dealer says that they don't have them at this time, and it will be "some time" before they get them. If you find it elsewhere, let me know.
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    Brand new 2007 SLE Convertible and from day 1 the steering wheel is off center by about 1/4 inch. The alignment is actually fine, just the steering wheel is off center. This is making me CRAZY, the dealer had the car on the alignment rack twice and it is the same problem. I go back next week to have a "master technician" look at it. Has anyone had a similar experience and what were the results. What is my recourse if they can not correct this problem.

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    I've had mine for almost 3 months, and it is perfect. I am not having the problem you refer to. Try calling Toyota directly.
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    Mine's a 2006 and at around 25,000 miles I had to have my 2 front tires replaced (my fault, I somehow ripped the wall on one of them). Anyway, I got the best price from the dealer and of course had them balance and align the front when putting the new tires on. When I got the car back, the steering wheel was 'off center', so I brought it back--same thing, so I brought it back again and that time they seemed to get it straightened out!! I know what you mean though...drove me nuts too!
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    I have a new 2007 Solara Coupe. So far, the car seems to be excellent mechanically (I've only driven it 128 miles). But the first time I washed it, I noticed that there was "orange peel" in the paint at the bottom of the doors (approx. the bottom 3 inches). I suspect this was caused by the paint not covering this area sufficiently to smooth out when sprayed. There are also fine dust particles in the paint, but these are less noticeable.

    Has anyone else noticed the orange peel problem on their car?
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    I have the '07 convertible--black so every blemish shows. No problems to date (almost 3 months)
  • beachdocbeachdoc Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. Perhaps my vehicle is "unique." I may have to just live with it because anything I ask the dealer to do to fix it will likely just make it worse.
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    I think if you check other similar cars you will find that this is a type of paint used to prevent damage from rocks and gravel. It is used on the lower few inches of the car usually found on body panels behind the wheels.
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    It's simple,center the steering wheel and reset the toe.If they can't figure that out,try a regular shop that does alignments.
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    Thanks! You're right. The rocker panels and bottoms of the doors are sprayed with chip-resistant paint. So, it's not a flaw in the paint after all. :)
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    Love our SLE Conv, but since day one, car pulls to right. 4 weeks old now w/235 miles, the dealer says alignment is OK, but it still pulls to right. Now they have Master Mechanic on it who has replaced the shims, strut "tower" (after three tries with parts from Torrance HQ) and coil springs--and it still pulls. They have had car TWO WEEKS and never call with an update. I have to call, or stop by (since I get put on hold) to get info. I had to ask Marina del Rey Toyota, they didn't volunteer, for a rental--they gave us a HHR Black. When will we get out car back? I also have a 2006 Sequoia its perfect!
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    Two hours after posting the message here, we got a call. Car is ready--it was the coil springs--go figure. Returned rental--my wife is happy!
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    Now that you've had your car about 6 months, what do you think? What do you think of that dealer? (Look in your rear view mirror - I'm back there...thinking about buying a 2007 Solara in Sanford ;-) :shades:
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    Sorry, I can't see you! However, I really like my Solara. The ONLY issue I have with it is the limited visibility at the left and right rear corners. But, I know this, and most convertibles have at least this much blocked visibility, or even more. The back seat is great for a convertible, as is the trunk. I have had "zero" problems or issues to date. As to my dealer, I haven't been back to them yet. The car is spending the winter in Florida, and I still haven't reached a required service mileage. I have a black with light tan top and leather, and everyone who sees it thinks it looks great (if kept clean and shiny.)
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    I have a 2007 Solara convertible SLE. I bought it on August 4th. I have had no problems to date. I have just over 2,000 miles on it and just had the first service performed. $25 for an oil change. The dealer even picks up your car for service.
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    I took a test drive in a solara the other day and was impressed with how quiet and smooth this car is. A friend told me he thinks the solara is more a "chick" car than for a guy? Any thoughts on that one?

    Also, my local dealer never has more than 1 or 2 on the lot at any given time (either black or silver) and I would really like to see the cosmic blue color. Is this a limited production color or is Toyota just limiting overall production on the solara?

    Has anyone heard if this is the last year for Solara or if Toyota will be revising to the new camry platform anytime soon?

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    My wife has had a '99 Solara, and she now has a '06 Solara SLE-V6 coupe in black. She loves them. Me, not so much but they are a good car, dependable, comfortable and powerful. I do think more females than males buy Solaras; but so what? I think the "chick car" stuff is BS spouted by insecure males.

    There is talk the Solara will be discontinued in MY 2008 or 2009. It just does not sell in large enough numbers for Toyota. I doubt Toyota will revise the new Camry platform in the near term as it is only on its second MY.
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    I'm a "senior male" and I love the car. I have it in black with a light tan interior and top. I got more compliments about this car than from the "luxury" cars I also own. (but you must keep black very clean) The red is also very sharp.I think they limit production as dealers I've been to have little or no inventory. Probably just a way of keeping the discounts low, at least on the deluxe model.
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    Hey - the Solara is a cool car for men and women! My ex-boyfriend bought the cosmic blue V6 convertible. I told him that when I bought my 1999 Acura CL 3.0 that I had it narrowed down between the Acura and the Solara. He loves the car. Since I've had so many problems with my car, I was considering the Blizzard White Solara, but I, too, heard that 2007 was the last year Toyota was making Solaras.
    Check out this website to see the Ace (yuk!): 445c90992a0

    P.S. Get the car you want and don't worry what anyone else thinks! :-)
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    I'm looking for a nice 2 door coupe in the low 20's and the Solara SE is perfect. Great looking car and fun to drive. Only have 1 question. Some background. In 2004, I bought a Volvo C70 coupe and hated the way it drove. I came to find out that the 2004 was still the same platform as the 1997 (when it debuted)so as you can imagine, alot of new technology was missing. I doubt the 2007 Solara is built on the 2007 Camry platform but has it been updated since its debut and if so when were the major updates made. It is hard to tell cause the car looks very similar to the original in design. Now all I have to do is choose between the Blizzard Pearl and the Titanium Silver. Love the Pearl but moving to a new home and will live with mud and dirt for several years so maybe the Silver will be ore practicable. Thanks.
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    I too was concerned about the visibility factor of parking but after 1 week with my new 2007 Solare SLE convertible black on black, it's no problem at all. Just turn around, back it in and watch your side mirrors. A real piece of cake to park even in tight spots.

    My car is going in to service after one week to file a few complaints: steering wheel is not dead center when car is stright, (favors the right side) Car is slightly pulling to the right an straight on level roads, vibration in the front end at slow speeds is troublesome for me and driver side mirror has tarnishing along its mirror edges. (this should've seen a better polishing finish) and finally the passenger side clip to close the convertible top is impossible for me to close form the driver's seat. I have to close it from the front right passenger seat and it is still quite difficult. (the pin doesn't line up squarely) I've seen this in two of the same cars, the demo I drove and the one sold to me. Quality control here has been very careless when they released this vehicle after final inspection)

    Get back!

    Alan Russell
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    My big complaint about visability is when backing out of a head-in angular space. When backing out I am totally blind as to oncoming traffic, whether I turn around, use the mirrros, or whatever! I have had NO car problems to date (10 months and 5K miles).
    Robert M
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    I am interested in trading in my '02 Passat for either a Solara or Accord Coupe (w/beige cloth interior, woodgrain, moonroof). I've test-driven the 4 cyl Accord, which has a good amount of power. I haven't yet test driven the Solara (closest Toyota dealership doesn't have ANY). Does anyone have preferences between the two? With less horsepower than the 4cyl Accord, is the 4cyl Solara still pretty powerful? Also, with Solaras being discontinued, how would this affect negotiating ability, re-sale value and repair/maintenance costs (finding parts, etc)?
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