Whining noise while decelerating. Dealership has no clue.

chirocaseychirocasey Member Posts: 1
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Hello Everyone,

I bought a 2016 V60 T5 AWD 5 cylinder. A few months ago and it started to produce a very predictable sound while decelerating. I'll be going above 40 mph and let off the accelerator and a whining noise, like a far off distant ambulance, starts. It ends around 33 to 30 mph. I just took it to the dealership and they had it for 3 days and could not figure it out. A field tech even tried and could not figure it out. He found another car similar to mine and was able to reproduce the sound it that car too. He then told me it was normal for this car. Is this true? Anyone else have this sound? It is a slight annoyance as it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the car.

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