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Am I getting a fair deal? -A3 lease

hullarioushullarious Posts: 2
edited May 4 in Audi
2018 A3 Convertible
Premium plus Tech package
MSRP 50,250
Discounted to $48,000 plus taxes and fees upfront
$4,400 down payment
MF .8%
Residual 49% or $24,662.50


  • hullarioushullarious Posts: 2
    That's NJ
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 154
    What is the monthly lease payment?
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 156
    The price is about 8 percent off MSRP. That is consistent with the price recommendation on KBB, for example. Nothing great but not too bad, basically average.

    The residual seems very low, particularly with only 7,500 miles per year. As the residual is set by the manufacturer on a captive lease, you should demand the F&I manager show you the actual residual value from Audi. Personally, I would not lease at a residual of 49 percent as that makes the monthly payment too high.

    The money factor cannot be .8 percent. That equates to an interest rate of 1900 percent. A MF of .0008 would be 1.92 percent interest.

    Might be wise to take a look at the BMW 2 convertible and compare lease terms. IMHO, the BMW 2 is a more engaging drive than the Audi A3.
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