BMW Lease end pre-inspection vs actual inspection

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So I had a pre-inspection done on my BMW lease return in February, at a neighborhood BMW dealership. They said 2 tires were very low on treading, and chip in my windshield. I called BMWFS to confirm that this was recorded and that these were the only 'excessive' items that I need to take care of (or will be charged for if i don't take care of them). They confirmed these items over the phone.

I replaced all 4 tires and had safelite repair the windshield chip.I returned my car in the end of April at the same dealership. They did another walk-around and noted the repaired windshield spot is in the line of sight, and it may still be a problem. I told them i had it repaired through insurance, and asked them how i can relay the repair i made to BMWFS. They said I will have to call BMWFS and tell them that directly.

Fast forward 1 week, I get an invoice from BMWFS for $4300 in excessive wear and tear.
$3400 of hail damage on roof & hood. I was mad and told them that this was never noted in the pre-inspection. They shrugged away the pre-inspection, and said that was done by a dealer and the actual inspection is done by a 3rd party, and the final charges were based on that, and the charges stand.

Now there was hail in my area a couple years back, and i had seen barely noticeable dents (2-3) on my hood. But it took looking in very weird angles to even spot them. Never had looked at the roof.

I asked the BMWFS representative if I have an option to get the car back to have the hail damage repaired through my insurance (i have comprehensive coverage). This is exactly what i would have done if it had been noted in my pre-inspection.

They tell me i have to talk to my dealer, as they may have already sold it. (its just been a week).

I call my dealership and they still have my car on the lot. When I tell them about the charges, and ask them about why they did not note them in the pre-inspection, they say their inspection applies only if they 'purchase' the car. Otherwise, BMWFS owns the car and they don't have a say in it. When I ask them if i can have the car repairs paid for my insurance, they say i have to contact BMWFS.

BMW (FS/dealership) simply does not seem to have any accountability over the 'pre-inspection' that they ask you to do at their own authorized dealership.

Appreciate any feedback, as I feel scammed (probably am).

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