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Chevy S10 vs S10 XTreme

scotspitch56scotspitch56 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I am about to graduate college and wanting to get an s-10 extreme( or s-10 if cant find extreme). and i was just wondering what everyone's opinion on them was. i've been driving a ranger xlt for the past 5-6 years and havent had any problems at all w/ exception of a few wear & tear. so message me back on here or email me at about ur opinions or suggestions. because the new colorado extreme is way too expensive to even consider fresh out of college.


  • gmgrlgmgrl Posts: 2
    I have had a 1999 S10 Xtreme for the past 3 years.. It has been a great little truck.. At about 113,000 kms, my cat went on it, but it was still under warranty.... that was the only problem that I have had until now with the fuel pump... This is a 5 speed which makes the truck better.. if it was an automatic i dont think that i would have bought it.. it is good on gas, a nice ride, and looks hot!.. go 4 an xtreme and if not... go for a 4X4....
  • 2ez2nv2ez2nv Posts: 1
    I have a chevy xtreme for sale its listed on listed for $6995 or best offer in case u want to look it up,i have about $5000 just in upgrades!!!!!! and yes it is a 5 speed
  • You would NEVER be wrong in buying an Xtreme! I just sold my Xtreme that I'd had for 9 years about 3 weeks ago. I was devastated but the economy wasn't budging and I had to sell it. I loved that truck tremendously. That truck was THE BEST vehicle I have ever owned. I will own another and will be buried in the next one! LOL! S-10's are such great little trucks and the Xtreme is the best model. It's a low, smooth deep ride that you enjoy every single minute of. The worst part of owning one of those is having to park it in the garage and waiting to drive it until the next morning! You would not be disappointed. I never had ANY problems with mine and that truck just ran and ran and ran its heart out. Hope this helps!
  • i just bought a 2001 s-10 extended cab with the 4.3 v6 and auto trans. it sits low and has 245/50-16 tires on it .is this a extreme model ? thanks,ike
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    Make sure you get the 4.3 V6!
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