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I have an '05 Frontier Crew Cab and would like to swap out the single in-Dash Nissan SD player with the 6-Disc unit provided by Nissan. I just cannot afford the OEM price from the dealership.

I don't want to go with an aftermarket unit, since it is difficult to find a 6-Disc in dash unit. I also don't want a seperate 6-Disc changer.

I do not care if it is the Standard 6-Disc or the Robert Fosgate head unit. My only concern would be the wiring harness for the Fosgate, possibly not working with the existing wiring.

Thoughts, Suggestions?


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    I have a portable Sirius satellite radio I want to install in my '07 Frontier. I called the service manager where I bought it (200 miles away!) and he said he could not tell me over the phone and rudely hung up. I can pop the bottom of the plastic piece surround the radio and can lift it up 2-3 inches but am afraid to pull/push/twist any more for fear of breaking something. All I want to do is pull the antenna plug and install an FM adapter to allow the satellite signal to go direct into the truck radio. Anybody out there know how to get the top part of that plastic freed up?
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    I just replaced my factory radio last month so can shed some light here. You need to pop that small tray up that sits on top of the dash over the radio. Once the tray is popped, you will see a single screw holding the center panel of the dash (that surrounds the radio.) Remove it. Then pull the whole center section of the dash towards you firmly but carefully. Then you remove various connectors and lay the dash section aside. ( Carefull, there is an airbag connector there too!) The radio is held in with 4 screws. You'll need to pull it to get at the antenna. FWIW, crutchfield dot com will sell you step by step instructions (with pictures) for something like $5. I got them with my new radio. The factory service manual also tells you how but doesn't have good pics.
    While your in there, replace the radio. You'll be thrilled you did!
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    I recently wanted to do the same thing to my 07 Fronty until I researched deeper. The dealer said the Rockford Fosgate (RF) unit wouldn't fit. Then I saw pics of the rear of the RF unit on Ebay and the two power /speaker connectors looked to be the same as on my single CD unit. (except RF unit had an extra amp input)FWIW, I think it would fit myself but can't be 100% since I didn't actually go that route. Specifically,some research showed me that even stand alone aftermarket CD changers are getting scarce on the market. This, and the fact that there were lots of RF takeouts selling on Ebay, convinced me that CD changers were "has been" technology. The industry now considers CD's ( and aftermarket changers) to be going the way of the cassette. Most now rely on USB/Ipod connections to access storde music in mp3 or similar compressed format. Makes sence as even a small/$10 1 gig thumb drive will store 20 Cd's worth of tunes in MP3! My advice: For the same $125 a used RF factory unit will run you on Ebay, (it's made by clarion and only designed by RF BTW), you can get a high quality & high power aftermarket Pioneer, sony, kenwood or JVC deck that reads USB and/or acts as an MP3 player/Ipod controller. It will sound better (due to better electronics and 20+ watt/channel RMS output) and give you more source options. That's the way I ended up going anyway. A few hours coping my CD collection and I now carry several thousand tunes between a memory stick a old ipod mini ( that stays hidden in the glove box). To be honest, with all those options, I rarely use the CD slot anymore and have NO more need/desire for a changer. ( I don't miss those CD's rolling around the interior either! ;)
    FWIW, I went with a double DIN JVC Mobile head unit from crutchfield. Only plays one CD (MP3 as well) but it looks classy in the fronty, sounds great and holds weeks worth of music all the time.
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    I was thinking of replacing the speakers with some sony explode series speakers i found a package deal for like 94.00 at walmart and was wondering if the 6x9 speakers will fit in the front door. I know that the 6.5" speakers will fit in the back door but does anyone know what size is currently sitting in the front door? Just let me know if you do please.
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    My dad started bought a 1999 Frontier. I'm working on replacing the speakers, I already replaced the door speakers.
    Can anyone help me find JUST the tweeters for the doors and an in-wall subwoofer for the rear?
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    I'm not trying to get in your business by any stretch of the imagination, but pertaining to the Nissan dealership you mentioned and their service manager who is obviously in dire need of attending a Dale Carnegie seminar, I would report him to I would go through the whole scenario of the distance to the dealership, the service manager who either lacks the people skills to be a service manager or needs a 1000 gallon enema posthaste, and the fact that you had to resort to internet message boards to get an answer to your question. The service manager could have easily scanned his frontier service manual for your model truck and either mailed you the scans or even e-mailed them to you. When I bought my '03 frontier the salesman assured me that the truck would have no problem towing my trailer with a trailer hitch on the bumper. The fact of the matter is the bumper on an 03 frontier is in no way strong enough to tow the load that I tow. To make a long story even longer, I ruined my bumper and the dealership refused to replace it. What they didn't understand is that game is a two way street. A couple of days later the salesman called me and told me he could make a deal on me buying a towing package. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not paying a dime for something that he assured me to begin with that I didn't need. I mentioned to him that Nissan had sent me a questionnaire pertaining to my experience with his dealership in buying my truck. I told him that I was going to be lengthy and detailed in my version of events and to make sure that they received the questionnaire I was going to send it by certified mail. The next day I received a call from the sales manager of the dealership and he told me to go to a local shop that installed towing packages and tell them to bill him. The moral of the story is the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Good luck.
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    I replaced my 2000 Frontier factory speakers up front with Kicker R25 soft domes and R6 mids. In the rear doors I had Kicker R4 mids and an old pair of Rockford Neo tweeters. For subs I built a sealed box with 4 Kicker CompVR8s that fits behind the rear seat. I still have the box if you are interested, with or without subs.
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    Where is the antenna cable for this truck?
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I just bought my first Nissan and would like to install an IPOD interface. I agree with weehooker that CDs are going the way of cassettes. I think I need to replace the radio but I would like some feed back. Thanks
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    I want to replace the OEM door speakers on my 2000 King Cab Frontier and I am looking for steps to take to remove the door panels so the speakers can be replaced. Thanks for the help.
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    I want to install new door speakers in my pickup. Is it very difficult to do that?
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    hey dude, id really like to get that box from you...or atleast the dimensions for it
    can you hook me up?
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    Hi, I am also new to this forum. My husband has a 2008 Frontier crew cab. I am trying to find out if the factory radio has a place to hook an IPod up? The dealership told me "yes it does on the back side", but the audio place told me "no that I would have to buy a whole new radio". I am trying to do this for my husband for Christmas. And I do not know anything about this. Can anyone help me with this?
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    I see a Nissan iPod accessory available, but websites say the 2008 Frontier factory unit must be the 6-CD changer and other sites say that the factory unit must also have satellite capability too. So, it seems that what you need is available, but with limitations. Good luck.
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    My name is Robert and I bought a new 2012 Crew Cab loaded SL and having issues with my transmission.

    I start the car let it warm up in the garage back out, put it in neutral, change to 4 wheel drive,then change to 4 wheel drive low all while I am in neutral. Then I drop it into second all the while driving on level ground to save on my brakes its not a real steep grade so think this is the best way. Then I come to a step hill to to down while in second go down the hill. When I reach the bottom of the hill, I put it in 3rd as there still is some incline to go down. I get to the higway, stop and put it in neutral, put it out of 4 wheel low into 4 wheel drive, then take it and put it into 2 wheel drive. Put it in drive by then I am on the highway 90 percent of the time the indicator will show drive; 10 percent of the time it is showing 4th gear although my gear shift in the drive slot. I will reach 50 mph and its showing 4th gear as I do not look as it has only happened 2 times in a year. It does not want to come out of 4th gear into Drive ...what is going on or what am I doing wrong? you can tell after a bit you are in 4th and that is why I probably notice it but no huge difference.

    To eleviate the problem I pull over and try putting it through the different gears and it still does not get it out of 4th. So today, did the same but turned the motor off and restarted the motor in park put it in Drive and it went back into Drive....

    It should show D... Sure could use your help.... Thank You
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    If you're using 4 wheel drive (high or low range) on dry pavement, you are damaging your driveline and will likely void any warranty work due to abuse. Part-time 4 wheel drive is not designed for use on dry pavement, as there is no differential between the axles. If you're that worried about speed on the downgrade, use first gear, not 4-Low.

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    edited May 2013
    Thank you for your response it is a dirt road. Second gear does not slow it down enough in 2 wheel drive. Do you think its a good idea to downshift into 2nd in 4 wheel drive, or use the steep hill button? Don't want to burn our breaks out premature. Why do they have 4 wheel drive if not to slow you truck down? These are my concerns as well as:

    I was simulating what you would do with a standard transmission my question still is also why it would say it is in 4th gear when I am in drive when back in 2 wheel drive.
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    4 wheel drive is to improve traction on slippery surfaces, not to slow the truck. It's too keep you moving without wheel slip.

    Downhill on a dirt road, 4WD will help keep the truck pointed in the right direction, but the transmission and brakes are what will keep your speed in check. In 4-Low, the transmission will shift rapidly and somewhat abruptly - as often as every 5 mph depending on gearing. You may find better control and less transmission wear if you use 4-High and 1st gear - this will allow some speed variance without all the excessive shifting.

    Also, since this is a daily occurrence, you may want to invest in a set of high-performance brakes for the front - premium rotors, pads, and calipers will allow more use with less heat buildup and longer life.

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    Thank you it is our first truck and of course the Nissan dealer went BK and never took the time to explain everything.

    So just use regualr gears for going down the hill? We had a Murano for 8 years and never used it but it was not as heavy so will just go back to that. Thank you!!
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    You're welcome!

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