I want to know what sort of engine and transmission can I put in my 2000 model bighorn?

sarahh17sarahh17 Member Posts: 1
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I have a mint 3.5 v6 bighorn with a blown trans. I can't get another one and it's slot of expense for it to be reconditioned. I would like to do a conversion instead but what engine can i use?


  • inuvikinuvik Member Posts: 163
    The 3.5 was never used in pickups. The 3.9 was used from 1986-2001. That being said a 5.2 (318) and a 5.9 (360) will bolt up to your transmission. However, the automatic used with the 3.9 is the 42RE, 5.2 = 44RE, 4.7 = 45RE, 5.9 = 46RE. Swapping in a 5.2 (318) would cause the least amount of transmission woes down the road as long as you don't punish it. Any engine larger than that is asking for transmission failure due to the extra hp & torque.
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