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Audi A3 Instrument Panel Problems

beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Audi
Following the BBC Watchdog programme, Audi UK have almost agreed to replace faulty dashpods in TT's. The same fault which occurs in A3's, wherebye all the instruments either go haywire or some refuse to register at all. Audi are fefusing to replace these if the car is out of the warranty period. The dealers are charging diagnostics time to ascertain the fault, even though they know exactly what the problem is and intend to change the dashpod anyway at a cost of around £360UK. The whole thing is just a scam...we all accept that parts on cars wear out but the odometer which registers the miles of the car should surely last the life of the vehicle? Vorsprung Durch Technik...very disappointing technology!


  • beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
    My dashboard has started to go on and off in cold or damp weather...needles flickering, warning lights going on and off...obviously a bad connection somewhere...if anyone can tell me where to look...thanx
  • mattrmattr Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same problem. The dashboard goes 'nuts' for the first 15-20 mins on start up. I notice also that at night with the interior lights on, these also go crazy as well. (ie. the light under the ashtray and the lights behind the sunroof and interior lights switches). I have taken it to 2 auto-electricians and they are stumped as well. Each of them have told me I probably need to replace the dashboard. Audi informs me this is at a cost of around $3000! I am not convinced that this will resolve it. I really think its probably a connection that gets affected by changes in weather or something. It doesnt always occur. If you find out what causes it, let me know?????
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    Has it rained, or been foggy, when your dashboard goes nuts?
    Have "damp" things been left in the car when this happens?

    Also, had the AC been heavilly used before shutting the car down? The left over humidity in the evaporator may work its way into the passanger compartment, especially the ductwork behind the dash.

    High humidity can cause wierd things to happen with improperly sealed electronics.
  • supretysuprety Member Posts: 2
    I have similar problem with my A3. My dash board goes nuts. It looks like it is rebooting every 30 secs. My door lock and windows does not work. All electrical things do not work. It is in the Audi shop right now. I am also interested to know what is causing it.
  • beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
    Sorry for delay in geting back to you...it would appear that Audi have a batch of duff dashpods, apparently there are 4 different faults which can affect them. The dealers will tell you that they need to use diagnostics to work out exactly what's wrong but that's just a way for them to make out of it..at the end of the day they will replace the dashpod, current cost in UK£ about £360. There is exactly the same problem on Audi TT, the company is paying for these to be changed but refuses to accept their responsibility for the A3. I have had numerous correspondence with Audi both in GB and DE, they are a waste of time...Vorsprung Durch Teknik...very disappointing technology, folowed by very disappointing dealers and extremely disappointing customer service...it's just plain crazy that a component which measures the life of a car doen't last the life of the car.
  • iwcliwcl Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same problem on my A3 1.8T Quattro Sport.
    Have you got any further with your dealer or Audi?
    My dealer denies all knowledge of the problem, dissapointing - I have had Audis for 10 years now.

    Did you register the issue formally with the dealer & Audi - I will.
  • beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
    The dealers must have been told to deny all knowledge of it, Listers of Stratford did the same...said mine was the first A3 they had seen with the problem...bollox. I complained to Audi GB and Audi DE, they don't give a toss. Now have problems with interior lights not going off and traction control not operating...I have more warning lights flashing at me than a space shuttle falling out of orbit...don't know where Audi get theIr reputation for quality from...they are just plain crap...will never have another one...VORSPRUNG DURCH TEKNIK...VERY DISAPPOINTING TECHNOLOGY!
  • rolfaarolfaa Member Posts: 4
    Hi, We Have the same problem here in Norway too! After asking questions all over the forums in both Germany and Norway, I began getting replies telling me about similar problems, but not much in the way of suggestions about whether the instrument cluster really needs replacement, or if the problem might be outside of the unit.

    Funny thing is, on a forum that looked somewhat like some sort of (semi?)official audi-forum, a moderator finally suggested that it might perhaps be a better idea to try the www.a3-freunde.de forum instead.

    Well, in my case the problem began last winter, with instruments and various lights flickering at startup, but returning to normal as the car heated up.

    As a new unit will cost over £500 here, I am thinking about getting a used unit at £100. But I am beginning to wonder, with the poor quality of these units - a new unit would have at least a 5-year warranty...

    Now, it seems that these units are made by a number of outside vendors. Mine is marked Made in France, and I have seen references to VDO as another maker. Maybe the problem is more common with a particular brand?
  • beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
    It can apparently be any of 3 problems which occur in the dashpod...Audi say they are not repairable [well they would, wouldn't they!] and the only repair is a replacement pod..cost £360 in UK. Don't pay for expensive diagnosis..they know exactly what the problem is and are just making shedloads of money out of fixing it. In the UK they had the same problem on the TT...BBC TV highlighted the problem and they agreed to change all the dashpods in the TT's free...but wouldn't extend that to the A3...because it wasn't mentioned on the programme! I've had more things go wrong with my Audi A3 than my last ten cars...just spread the word...Vorsprung Durch Teknic = very disappointing technology.
  • rolfaarolfaa Member Posts: 4
    Interesting. Over here, from the press coverage I got the impression that the A3 contributed somewhat to upping Audi's rather poor record with respect to quality problems, with the A4 rating well below the A3.

    Well, I just wanted to point to https://erwin.audi.com/erwin/audi/files/samples/Stromlaufplaene-EN.pdf

    where a circuit diagram for the A3 is shown. It is made available as a sample of what you may get there - at a 'flatrate', of 30 Euro for one day, or more if you want it for a longer time.
  • rolfaarolfaa Member Posts: 4
    I have bought a used dashpod, but I cannot install it in the car before taking the car to a Audi service depot for reprogramming of the ignition keys. And I suppose the mileage reading ought to be adjusted as well.

    I don't think there is any way around that but am posting this anyway...
  • andres3andres3 Member Posts: 13,729
    in my 06 A3 with 2.0T and DSG.

    I have 19,000+ miles now.
    '15 Audi Misano Red Pearl S4, '16 Audi TTS Daytona Gray Pearl, Wife's '19 VW Tiguan SEL 4-Motion
  • beeebeeebeeebeee Member Posts: 6
    You must be the luckiest Audi owner on the planet. Keep your fingers crossed. :sick:
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Member Posts: 127
    I have an 06 2.0 with the DSG and 25,000 miles, no problems here either other than the tires being shot at 20,000 miles.
  • andres3andres3 Member Posts: 13,729
    Ha, my tires need replacement right now.... soon... before I hit 20K I'll probably have them changed.

    But I've been having fun driving on the almost unlimited grip provided by the Dunlop SportMaxx's that came with my A3 sport model. I could probably go all summer and maybe get 22K miles out of them, it never does rain in San Diego.
    '15 Audi Misano Red Pearl S4, '16 Audi TTS Daytona Gray Pearl, Wife's '19 VW Tiguan SEL 4-Motion
  • rolfaarolfaa Member Posts: 4
    donthegreek wrote:
    I have an 06 2.0 with the DSG and 25,000 miles, no problems here either other than the tires being shot at 20,000 miles.

    So what, I am 77 and I ain't dead yet.
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