How is the Costco deal on XC90?

shaolinshaolin Member Posts: 14
edited May 2018 in Volvo
Costco has their XC90 deal going on until July 2. You get:

Employee Pricing +
additional $750 discount +
$250 Costco gift card+
Any national Volvo discount (currently $2k until end of May)

So basically you are looking at $2750 below employee pricing. Does that seem too good to be true? Anything I should be aware of if I pursue this deal?


  • bbarker99bbarker99 Member Posts: 4
    I was wondering the same thing. Thanks!
  • bbarker99bbarker99 Member Posts: 4
    Also, when will the 2019 model come out? Does Costco deal automatically apply to those models? Thanks!!
  • carstwo1carstwo1 Member Posts: 5
    anyone got a quote from costco on 2018 xc90 T6 awd momentum? what's the employee pricing?
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