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Transmission Issues

cgmom01cgmom01 Member Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Chevrolet
Has anyone ever considered filing a "Class Action Lawsuit" against Chevy/GM regarding these issues???
I'm joining the "complaint club" here being the owner of a 2010 Equinox with 75K miles. Early last week my truck shifted hard a few times & by the end of the week my check engine light came on. I took it to my local dealership earlier this week & diagnostic testing shows the Camshaft Sensor needs replaced @ $185. The guy told me replacing that may or may not stop the hard shifting but upon inspection of the transmission he states the Trans half shaft is leaking, the fluid is burnt & has metal shavings in it. The cost to repair is $2998 for tear down + unknown additional cost for replacement of failed components or $4560 for a GM Certified new transmission with a "3 year warranty!!!" A Three year warranty on a brand new transmission, are you kidding me??? Idk what to do! Everyone's telling me to take it somewhere else, they say it's not unusual to have metal shavings in the fluid of an automatic transmission. And as far as leaking goes, I park in my driveway & have no spots or puddles where fluid has leaked but I think that depends on how bad the leak is too. I don't care for my local dealership, they always make little comments & remarks about me purchasing the vehicle @ another Chevy dealership. I won't buy from them bc I know so many people who have been ripped off badly when purchasing their vehicles. Honestly, I don't trust them but Idk who else to trust either. I've owned several vehicles & never had transmission issues. I'm in the same boat as many you, I still owe on this vehicle (until May 2019) & can't afford this repair. I've also had to pay out of pocket for excessive oil consumption repairs due to my extended warranty expiring less than 30 days before the issue occurred. I am appalled by the # of people who are experiencing these issues with Chevy. I'm old enough to remember Chevy's longtime slogan "The heartbeat of America" so it makes me sick to know they haven't issued recalls on throw away transmissions & engines. Any transmission or engine that only has a T H R E E Y E A R W A R R A N T Y is a throw away! I think I've seen a thousand Chevy commercials this week saying they've won so many awards, so many years in a row, on so many models & I could seriously throw up! I have reached out to GM but I'm discouraged about their willingness to help, considering all the research I've done & stories I've read from other Chevy owners. I'm also old enough to remember the GM Government bail out when our economy tanked after 9/11. It ticks me off that a company our Government bailed out during hard times would cause it's customers to experience hard times trying to pay for repairs due to bad parts being put on excessively expensive vehicles & then ignoring & denying the problem & making us pay for it!
If GM doesn't step up & assist in the repair of my truck I will have to charge the repairs & pay interest or take out a loan. Essentially I'll owe (2) monthly payments on this (1) vehicle. We've paid enough for the vehicles & shouldn't have to swallow the costly repairs for bad parts that belong on recall! I am serious about a Class Action Lawsuit, who's with me???
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