Infiniti G35 6MT Sedan

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Does anybody have any experience with the 2003 G35 6MT Sedans? Is there anything I should be looking for on this car? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    I just returned a 2003 6MT that I loved for a 2006 6MT. I loved my car. Some people had problems with brake pads needing replacement -- I did not have any problems, with my front pads being replaced only around 30k (under an Infiniti plan) just before my lease was up. There was considerable brake dust though. There is much less in my new car, and there was much less with the new pads in the 2003.

    Overall, I found the car to be great fun and very reliable. My overall mileage was around 22 mpg in mixed driving, though several people have had much worse results -- perhaps by people in cities with a lot of stop & go driving and much more aggressive driving style.
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    knr5 ... I can tell that you love the G35 6MT. Did you consider the 2007 w/little more hp and slighly improved features and options?

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    I did consider it but the 2007 was not expected to come out until November, which was a little too late for me. I could have waited, at the most, until early August. As it is, I got into my 2006 three months early due to a pull-ahead program offered by Infiniti.

    I am sure the 2007 is aesthetically an improvement over my car -- perhaps closer to the M in that regard. If I had the option to wait for it, I most likely would have! On the other hand, I hope the car has not been further "dumbed" down in the name of refinement.
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    Anyone have any thoughts on what caused this?

    Started my 2006 G35 6MT (4700 miles) up 2 nights ago and the instruments went black, radio wouldn't work, and climate control wouldn't operate (no heat-Chicago winter). Drove it immediately to the dealer, and of course the problem went away as I pulled into the service bay. Infiniti says they can't fix it if they can't recreate it...which is not an acceptable answer in my opinion. Something is obviously wrong as basically all of the important functions inside of the car went dead. Infiniti's view is that I need to experience this problem while driving past a dealership, when their mechanics are working, and hope that the problem doesn't go away before they have a chance to diagnose. I'm escalating at Infiniti but have been told by their customer service that the answer ("nothing they can do", "may not happen again") won't change. Any Infiniti gurus out there? :lemon:
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    Years back, I had a Chevy Beretta (Indy Pace Car) with a digital dash.
    One day, while driving down the road, the dash and most electronic items in the car just stopped... went blank.

    I immediately grabbed my cell phone and called the dealer.
    They told me to bring it right in, which I did.

    They came out, shut the car off and turned it back on.
    The problem never occurred again.

    Who knows :confuse: :sick: :confuse:
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    Posted this earlier but didn't get satisfied answer...Undecided about whether to purchase the 6MT or Auto. Haven't driven a manual in years and want to go back to those days when the car was truly under my control, ah, the loves of a manual tranny. But keep hearing completely different reviews of 6MT in all the magazines... from high praises to completely negative responses...any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    That response is completely bogus. If it an electrical problem they can search for it. My brother is a mechanic and does this all the time. Happens often in BMW's but not on that scale. :mad:
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    Are you referring to my response, and if so, what do you mean, bogus?
    It's the absolute truth.

    Yes, I was young and didn't know how to handle dealerships giving me the screw at the time, but it's complete truth and I'll add... my payment for buying a GM to begin with.

    I was told that if it continued to happen, that testing could be done, but that the dash assembly would most likely need to be sent out and it would be a week or 2.
    I opted for to see if it occurred again, and it never did.
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    I think he was probably referring to what the dealership told me about not being able to fix the problem unless they were able to any rate, thanks for the input. After 2 dealerships and Infiniti coporate gave me the same answer, I've decided to drive it and see if it happens again. If it does I'll park it at the dealership for a while.
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    Oh no, not your response, the dealers response.
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    I have a '05 G35 Coupe and have had the speedometer/tach/fuel/heat instruments - right above the steering wheel - go out numerous times. The heater/AC, radio etc still work. I have had the wiring checked, the ignition changed, and other "research" and my dealer still can't find out what's going on. I began searching blogs like this to find out if there is a solution since the dealer is less and less willing to cover this under any kind of warranty. I'd appreciate it if someone has an idea for a fix - this is getting ridiculous.
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