2004 Nissan Frontier keeps dying

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Hi all, Many thanks in advance for giving this a read -- I'd really appreciate any suggestions! I've been a (mostly) proud owner of a 2004 Nissan Frontier for the last 10 years. Bought it used, only 25K miles on it, and it's been a sturdy, dependable truck up until just last year (hence the 'mostly'). My issue is this: frequently the battery will stop getting recharged by the alternator, and the battery slowly loses power until the dash lights come on and it dies. I've been through two new alternators, two new batteries, checked all fuses, and each time it works for a while, then loses power. I've taken it to five (no joke) different mechanics, each of which has said they can't find anything wrong. Then when it loses power, they try to sell me another battery/alternator. Strangely, the battery seems to charge itself if I wiggle the cord connected to the battery. Then it runs for a while, then again the battery starts recharging. Anyone have any clues as to what might be going on? Thanks and sorry for the long post.


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    Did you ever get an answer?
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    typical of electrical impedance issue from chemical \ corrosion on terminals. sometimes this can be a real P.I.T.A.
    as visual cues for terminal corrosion can be missing, yet there is a troubling phenomena where a circuit is open like wires arent even connected or touching at all... wiggle or tap and the circuit closes for a finite time before opening again. this will typically increase in frequency over time.
    the single best solution for a quick fix and to prevent its return is to use a spray called De-oxit gold.
    Its the better of a series of de-oxit formulas, and any of them will do the job, but De-oxit gold contains gold atomized and suspended in the mixture, and will improve function of terminals, switches, connectors, etc.
    careful and methodical servicing of problem terminals without this stuff can and usually will solve problems, but theres just more time effort and unknown service duration for such...de-oxit simply cuts time effort and is going to improve and protect the system you are working on.
    all i know is that its made by Caig laboratories, and i can only find it where i live at Frys electronics.
    i suggest googling it and finding a vendor who carries it, or try the maker.
    The stuff is freekin magic.
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