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Rebuilt engine dies

tanner23456tanner23456 Member Posts: 7
edited May 2018 in Mitsubishi
So, I just finished putting my engine back together. Here's what I've replaced:

Piston Rings
Rod bearings
main bearings
thrust bearings
head gasket
timing belt
tensioner pully
vvt solenoid
starter motor
fuel filter

Last night after I finally got it back together and tried to start it up. It runs for maybe 3 seconds with loud random squeaking and then just dies. It almost sounds like the piston rings get stuck or something. I know the timing was all lined up before I started it up. Any suggestions of possible issues? Thanks


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,701
    edited May 2018
    The squeaking may or may not be related to the engine stopping, but it is something that needs investigated first before the stalling. If you have an assistant attempt to start the engine, can you hear approximately where the noise is coming from? (front or rear of engine, left side or right side, high or low?)

    Have you built engines before? What kind of pre-lube did you use, and where all did you put it? Was the engine turning over easily by hand? Does it still turn over easily by hand?

    As far as the engine stopping, that should be treated like any engine stalling condition, test and prove what you are losing. Spark? Fuel? Both? Neither?
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