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Mercury Mariner Hybrid

beartraprrbeartraprr Posts: 11
I bought a new Mercury Mariner Hybrid. On the window sticker it said standard equipment - Radio Satellite Ready - Plays MP3's. Guess what, if you have the UPGRADED Radio/NAV system ($3700. Plus) It is NOT SATELLITE capable, nor will it play MP3 files. FORDS solution is an aftermarket velcro it to the dash Satellite radio from Best Buy. What a crock...This also applies to the Ford Escape. The dealer even looked it up and said it is Satellite capable....Beware if you want Satellite. Also, the navigation system is very awkward and difficult to use, unlike the system in say their Mountaineer which is great. FORD BLEW IT ON THIS.


  • Are people having the same troubles with the Mariner as with the Escape hybrid? I saw several postings on the Escape about door locks, stalling in traffic, surging ahead at stoplights, new transmission at 5,000 miles, alignment needed brand new, even a piston through the engine block. Several people had had their new Excape hybrid in the shop more than a week within 6 mos. Convinced me NOT to get one. Now I am thinking Mariner or Highlander hybrid. I know the Highlander isn't getting the advertised mileage. Any thoughts? :)
  • russotomrussotom Posts: 3
    Anyone have good or bad experience with the 2006 Mariner Hybrid? I have the opportunity to purchase one, 0% financing over 60 months, with $1,000 Ford money back and $1,000 dealer loyalty back.

    After tax and trade in, it should run in the $406 a month range.
  • donbarondonbaron Posts: 13
    Has anyone had success in installing running boards?? The dealership says it can't be done due to 300v wiring cerca the running board instalation area. If this is the case I sure wish Ford Engineers could have installed running boards at the KC Plant prior to wiring the vehicle. Don
  • rjc97rjc97 Posts: 1
    Yes, I have had good experience with my Mariner Hybrid so far....I purchased it in May of this year and enjoy the gas savings and features....I also received the 0% financing however, at the time, the $1000 cash back was not available.

    With the Tax credit, hopefully will also reduce the initial
    cost and will be an additional savings. Previously, I had
    an older Mercury Villager Mini Van...and miss the roominess
    and larger cargo area....Really havn't had the car long enough to use the navagation system a whole lot, but when I get accustomed to all the features, I'm sure it will come in very handy....The audio system is very adequate...the six disc compartment under the passenger seat is strange, however, most efficient and easy to use..I do miss the automatic head light control on and off....No big deal though...The experience in electric mode is certainly different...Really quiet operation...Much like my electric
    golf cart...My wife really enjoys driving MY hybrid..likes
    the compactness of the car and warning system for objects
    behind the car...She says, "I can park it on a dime"...Sitting higher in the SUV gives her more confidence in driving...Hope this info is helpfull to you...
  • I have had my Mariner Hybrid since the end of March. It has just over 3000 miles on it.

    It has been quite solid. I use it mostly for commuting (30 minutes and about 15-20 miles each way - twice a day). MPG hovers around 31 if I drive economically - drops to 29-30 when I am late, driving non-hybridish, etc.

    I did have it in a couple of days after purchase because the hybrd display (this vehicle has the nav system with hybrid display) stopped working - no MPG graphs, no power transfer display. After swapping the dash unit with another vehicle (no luck), they checked and found a Ford advisory about this symptom being caused by a failed module (an fuel economy power flow interface module). Swapping that module corrected the problem.

    The vehicle drives well. This one is loaded (premium package, moonroof). There is an occasional rattle (metal clinking - like a seatbelt buckle) that is in the left rear area, most pronounced when I have passengers in the back seat - I don't know that this is a quality thing, or just something I have to track down and secure/move.

    The navigation system stinks, IMHO. Response time is slow, 12 CD's are a pain (you can't load them in the 6 CD changer), and the "driver protection" interlock insures you can't program it most of the time (no destination selection allowed when the vehicle is in motion - so your passenger can't do anything to help). If it weren't for the fact you have to get the nav system to get the hybrid fuel economy/energy flow display (and why get a hybrid if you don't have a pretty display to show it working :), I would recommend everyone avoid the nav system. (If you get a chance to try it out in a show room, ask it to show you how to get to US Cellular field in Chicago - home of the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox - I live less than 40 miles from the field and the nav system told me it was a 1000+ miles and headed me towards the west coast -ick).

    Things I wish Mercury had included are:

    - auto headlamps (it's been a long time since I had a car without these - it is a minor annoyance to remember to manually turn lights on and off).

    - exterior temperature sensor (really - the thing can tell you where all the electrons are, but doesn't have a clue about the temperature on the far side of the glass - for $500+ installed, you can get Ford's temp/compass/homelink rear view mirror)

    - Homelink transmitter - I just want to get the garage door opener out of my line of vision.
  • I TOTALLY agree with Russotom about the Nav system, plain and simple it sucks big time. I also share his frustraion with the headlights and temperature, how foolish to have a Techie vehicle like this and not even be able to tell the outside Temperature. Furthur, when I bought my Mariner I never saw or drove it first. It came from another dealer and they had to send someone 100 miles to get it, this all happened because my 2004 Lincoln LS's computer fried while hundreds of miles from home. Even though it was still under warantee they did not have one so they made me this offer. I was told that the Nav system radio was satellite ready......WRONG, LIE..Also, it said the CD player would play MP3's....WRONG, LIE....Ford did pay for an aftermarket Satellite system that just sounds it to a BAD FM station, and Velcroed to the dashboard it looks real pretty too. I have owned Ford vehicles all my life, this is the last one. Mileage......I cannot get it above 24 no matter how I drive. Granted I live in Fort Lauderdale where the a/c is on constant, but I rarely turn it to max (engine on all the time)..

    FORD blew it on this vehicle in my opinion. I would have never bought it knowing what I know now. That $3700. nav/radio system is worthless. Ten miles from home using it to take me home puts me on side streets, once it took me down a dead end and then a dirt alley. The selling dealer also told me it had a 110 volt outlet in it, still have not found that...

    If you are thinking about one of these vehicles, check all of this out throughly....After I get my tax credit I am trading it in for a Lexus.. :mad:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I disconnected both front halfshafts and discarded them and then figured out a way to energize the rear driveline electromagnetic clutch coupling? Would I then have a viable RWD hybrid instead of a patently UNSAFE FWD or front biased AWD/4WD?

    Could I use it as a TOAD with the rear clutch not energized?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Anyone know?
  • According to, the new 2008 Mercury Mariner will have a DVD navigation system and roll stability control. It's not clear whether the air conditioner will function OK with just the electric propulsion (according to Edmunds' reviewers of the Ford Escape Hybrid, they had to run the AC at max level, which then caused the gasoline engine to run). The specs look pretty good.
  • Does anyone know, i.e. not guessing, whether the Sapele woodgrain in the Hybrid is actual laminated wood or just plastic?
  • From the Web site, I gather that there is no woodgrain at all in the Hybrid model. It's all aluminum, satin, chrome, as far as I can tell.

    I took my first test-drive in a 2007 Mariner Hybrid yesterday. It was very nice. I particularly liked backing up under electric power only. The 2008 model will correct two major deficiencies in the previous models: lack of stability control and lack of a DVD navigation system. The 2005-2007 CD navigation system had a very small screen; the 2008 system will have a 6.5" screen!

    The 2007 handles fine and has great visibility. The front and rear seats are comfortable. Cargo space is adequate. I presume the 2008 will be similar in these respects.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "After I get my tax credit I am trading it in for a Lexus.."

    Better think twice and check with your tax advisor. If you sell the vehicle, you have to pay back part of the tax credit you received. You have to hold the vehicle for three years, if I recall correctly.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    I am not sure how Uncle Sam will keep track, but that is the way the hybrid incentive is written.

    If you lease a hybrid the leasing company can take the tax credit according to the IRS website. So make sure you have that in writing if you are leasing.

    The vehicle is acquired for use or lease by the taxpayer, and not for resale. (The credit is only available to the original purchaser of a new, qualifying vehicle. If a qualifying vehicle is leased to a consumer, the leasing company may claim the credit.)
  • Sorry transpower, I didn't notice that this thread refers to the 2008 Mariner. I just bought a 2007 Mariner Hybrid, and it does have the Sapele woodgrain in it. I have read conflicting reports about whether this is real laminated wood or simply plastic painted to look like wood, and I am wondering which it is. Thanks in advance for any info.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    According to the 2007 Mariner Hybrid catalog, the center console has real Sapele woodgrain. I took another test drive today in the 2007 Mariner Hybrid and looked at it. It looks like plastic to me, but I'm really not sure (maybe it's real wood preserved in plastic). On the whole, the interior of the Mariner is far better looking than that of any other compact SUV I've looked at.
  • I just got the 2007 MM Hybrid, and it has the auto headlamps. They come on automatically when it gets dark, turn off auto when you turn the car off (after a very brief delay). Nice.
  • I post this in a sincere effort to simply provide my experience owning a Mariner Hybrid. I purchased (knowing full well that the vehicle did not make economic sense) the vehicle in large part to support American Automobile Manufacturers and to support ongoing ingenuity in auto engineering.

    I average approximately 23 mpg. I realize that advertised mpg estimates are probably a bit off, but 23 instead of the advertised 36 is pretty extreme. Ford should simply state that this vehicle will only get in the vicinity of the advertised mpg if it's driven on completely flat ground and the a/c is NOT used.

    Today, my brakes went out. I dropped the vehicle off at the dealer and they said that the computer that controls the brakes simply went out. Oh one hurt, no big deal.

    Overall, my reaction to this vehicle is that it feels as if a Design Engineer NEVER sat in the vehicle. There are so many little things that are poorly thought out and/or missing....mp3, strange navigation system, poorly engineered method of lowering back seats and the list goes on.

    I completely accept personal responsibility for buying this car. I don't blame Ford. Not one bit. Ultimately, it's just terribly dissapointing that for whatever reasons (and I'm sure there are good ones) American Firms are not able to assemble the best and brightest and put out a first class product. I wish it were different.

    *Note: This is only the reflection of one owner. I have owned many other Ford vehicles that performed flawlessly.
  • Brent8: The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid supposedly fixes most of the problems you listed. Let's hope, anyway. I'm in the metropolitan Philadelphia area, and Mercury says they will have a display of the new model at 30th Street Station on Decemeber 4.
  • I respect ConsumerGuide Reviews. They obtained 28.8 mpg overall in their long-term "real world" testing of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid.
  • ConsumerGuide is right on the money. That is basically what I get with my Mariner Hybrid.

    I commute to work every weekday, one hour drive and 40 miles each way on major highways, and I get about 29 mpg. This is if I keep my speed around 70 mph max and monitor the gas mileage with the in-dash screen. If I drive a little faster, I get just under 28 mpg. If I drive slower, or if I am driving on city streets rather than highways, I can get above 30 mpg. This is pretty close to the 29 mpg highway and 32 mpg city statistics I was provided with when I bought my car.

    I am very happy with my Mariner Hybrid. There a few annoying things: the outdated navigational system (lame compared to my DH's Mercedes DVD navigational system), the loss of satellite radio capability with that navigational system, and the relatively ineffective heated seats (again, lame compared to my DH's heated seats). However, every vehicle has its issues, and the good gas mileage more than makes up for the annoyances.
  • Incidentally, you may be interested in the region in which I am driving. I am in Texas, a pretty flat part of the state, but I have my air conditioning on the coolest (but lowest) setting virtually at all times.
  • I have a 2007 Mariner Hybrid with a little over 5000 miles and the gas mileage is awful. I have been tracking closely for the last 8 fills and it has been averaging in the low 20s, one tank as low as 17. The dealer and Merc people just shrug their shoulders. Is there anything that can be done?
  • I can squeeze out of it 25 miles to the gallon. Thats really pissing people off behind me as I coast and take off slow. I live in Fl and my a/c is on 95% of the time, but not on the orange position. I ran into someone with an escape and he told me he gets 30, EASY.....Go figure.

    My solution which I have not done yet is the LEXUS 400h....

    I have had no problems with the mariner except for the initial lies from Ford about Satellite radio, but I HATE the vehicle...Its Noisy and the NAV system totally sucks.

  • What is your normal ambient temperature? Is the A/C always on? If so, set it to the lowest temp. region, but keep the fan low. What about your tire air pressure? Try 37 psi.
  • I live in Minnesota. I bought the Mariner Hybrid in August when it was very warm, drove it Sept when I needed neither ac or heater and now in the cold. No difference. I recently had the vehicle in for service and tire pressure checked - all ok. I would not think a slight difference in psi could make a 10 or more mpg difference.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 584
    So far am very pleased with my Sage colored "Whirl-E-Brid".

    Bought without the $3,700 "useless" sun roof, etc. Used X plan, paid cash, plus got additional $2,500 incentives.

    Plan to claim the nice tax credit soon $$ ;) $$.

    Gasoline consumption is about 30.5 miles per gallon. 16" tires. Sometimes higher...sometimes lower.

    Last night I paid $1.96/gallon for West Georgia gasoline.
  • OK so i'm about to make the big leap of buying my first new car. I want to by a hybrid but i am unsure of the financial consequences i might face in the future. I have had my eye on the Ford Escape but i have fallen in love with the Mariner's interior. Most everyone I know has advised me against getting a US made automobile, stating that it would always be in need of repairs. I told myself not to listen but after reading some of these statements im having second thoughts. The only thing i want is a reliable compact SUV with good gas mileage and maybe a sun/moon roof. Any advise with supporting evidence?
  • Consumer Reports says that the Mariner has very good reliability, based on surveys from its subscribers. Maintenance intervals are 10000 miles, which is great. The 2008 model will be out any day now and will have a much better navigation system.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 584
    The Escape or Mariner is pretty reliable...I think.

    They are both heavy and big for a hybrid. Their design and engineering has been around for a fairly good time.

    I feel that in many instances owners care of their vehicles is indirectly proportional to overall reliability. In some instances I feel the amount paid for the car is an indicator of how well the car will be cared for.

    Do you ever notice that the low priced units of any make are usually dented-up, exterior unwashed, wheels dirty, windows filthy, and smoke coming out of tail pipe? Those are all indicators of poor operation and maintenance and the reward for this neglect is decreased reliability.

    The last Ford that I owned was a 1999 Ford SVT Contour. It had a recall once for something was a extremely reliable vehicle.

    The Honda Fit might be a reliable vehicle with great interior room and good gas mileage.

    The ford FWD Escape Hybrid gets pretty good mileage. Better than the Mariner Hybrid 4WD.

    I'm praying for snow or ice so I can see how our Mariner Hybrid 4 wheel drive handles it. I work at a power plant and we always have to come in to work to keep the juice flowing to everyone.

    Good luck with your first new vehicle...
  • waltawalta Posts: 13
    " I realize that advertised mpg estimates are probably a bit off, but 23 instead of the advertised 36 is pretty extreme."

    Where does Mercury advertise their hybrid gets 36?

    My Mariner Hybrid is rated 32 city/ 29 highway, and I actually get between 30 and 31 in mixed suburban driving.
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