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Audio is awful

carlyb46carlyb46 Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Lincoln
i see a previous post by someone with a 2008 with an audio system that sounds very tinny, such a disappointment for a Lincoln ! Ours is very bad as well, have returned to the dealer--they say it is fine !! so this must be a ford issue--this one issue will probably be the reason we do not keep this car for a long time--radio is horrible !!! One other issue--the cooled seats do not get very cool-we also have a Chevy Traverse and the cooled seats get VERY cool--what's the deal Ford ???? anyone else with these issues ??? this is our first Luxury SUV, and while I love the size and performance (not the gas mileage though) and comfort, the sound system will be a deal breaker for buying another one !
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