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image2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T First Drive | Edmunds

The 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T is essentially a base Carrera coupe with a few select options added that improve performance and handling. It's a blast to drive. But is 370 horsepower enough in today's world?

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  • mesalmesal Member Posts: 1
    Great review, but in other reviews they find fault with the power of the car when climbing up steep hills in Europe. Did you find that is an. Issue?
    I’d love to see a comparison with the Cayman GT4, 2016.
  • bromansbromans Member Posts: 17
    @mesal I didn't drive it on any particularly steep grades, so I can't say. It's not a mind-blowing amount of power, but I never found myself wishing for more, either. -- Brent

  • mdjakmacanmdjakmacan Member Posts: 1
    @mesal I can't comment directly on the power of the T, but I'm a new owner of a "lowly" base 911 C4, having come from a Macan S and 2 Turbo Macans, followed by the 2018 Panamera 4. The base 911 is considerably quicker than all of the above, leaving the Panamera 4 (not the S) feeling like your daddy's Buick. Have a look at a video done by Nick Murray on Youtube, a Porschefile, where he compares all the engines in the 911 lineup. He owns a C4S and has driven every model. He rightly declares the "lowly" base 911 as the best, most fun engine of all. Unless you are coming from something like an E 63S AMG, you will never lack for power in a base 911, and I'm sure the T is the same.
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