Hole in the floorboard Honda CR-V 2015

mackdpridgenmackdpridgen Member Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Honda
Recently I lost a pair of Ipod Earbuds (one of the pair). They fell into the hole that is located in the floorboard of the car. There is also one on the passenger side. These holes are just large enough to allow rings, change, and other items to fall into. I am at a loss why this exists in a car made in 2015 but maybe other cars also have these issues. I have never seen this before in any of the other Hondas I have owned (Accords, Element, Passport). When the dealer and American Honda were contacted they turned away my request to help with a solution. The answer was this is not a defect and the car was intentionally built with holes near where the driver and passenger sit. Despite this having nothing to do with car safety, performance, etc. this is enough for me to not purchase another Honda. Poor design and poorer response from Honda to this problem.
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