Isuzu Trooper Brake Problems

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Hi All,

My ABS light flashes intermittently when I am driving. I have replaced brake pads and rotors on all four wheels and I still have this problem.
Dose anyone know how to get the Diagnostic codes for the ABS on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper 3.2L 4x4? I have tried to use the jumper on the DCL(3 Wire Connector)but that gives me the diagnostic codes with the CHECK ENGINE light flashing, not the ABS Light. I think one of the other plugs is specifically for the ABS diagnostics but I am not sure which one. I don't want to start putting jumpers here and there and possibly causing another problem. If anyone knows how I can jumper the ALDL connector to read the ABS errors I would be forever thankful. Here is a picture to let you see what I am looking at



  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    Hi, here are a couple links to diagrams showing what to look for. Good luck!v=!v=
  • jjokerjjoker Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the help.
  • walterdgmwalterdgm Member Posts: 1
    Where can I find the connector for reading ABS codes?
    I only find a 16 pin connector left side (not OBD2), I don't have diagnostic hardware. Can I do it only sending to ground the connector? :cry:
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    You should check the Honda forum for info on this. Good luck
  • gno64gno64 Member Posts: 1
    Whats the procedure for replacing the ABS module? Is there some type of air in there when i take it off is there something special i have to do? Trying not to get into trouble and cause more problems with it the ABS just quite working and light on.

  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    Out of curiousity, how have you arrived at the conclusion that you need a new ABS module? Did you do a code check on the vehicle and if so, what was code(s)? Module is expensive and bleeding the system can be problematic if not done in proper sequence, would hate to see you get in over your head if module is not source of problem.
  • sinful1sinful1 Member Posts: 2
    can anyone help me out?
    my rear anti-lock brake light is on and my brake light is on...and to top that off my rear wheels are locked...i have a 1994 Isuzu trooper 4x4... Can anyone help me to figure out why this happen and how to fix it

    thanks much :cry:
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    By rear anti lock brake light, do you mean you do NOT have the 4 wheel anti lock, just the Rear antilock version? Also, do you have automatic trans?
    There is a diagnostic link for the brakes located behind the left kick panel. If the ABS light is on, a code is probably stored.
    The light illuminates also when the Parking brake is on ..checked that? or the brake fluid level is low. Once those are checked, and if abs light is on, then code should be set. the rear wheel anti lock system is different from the 4wal, so more info is needed to be more specific.
  • jjokerjjoker Member Posts: 8
    Maybe their question can help with my initial question to this post(check page 1 of the post). My trooper has automatic transmission. The picture I posted on the first page should be the same cables that are on the 94 Trooper. They are under the front left kick panel below the steering wheel right above the hood release. Do you know which of the plugs is for the ABS? If so, how do you jumper it to read the ABS codes? Thanks for maybe a glimmer of hope. I had all but gave up on this problem.

  • sinful1sinful1 Member Posts: 2
    here it is
    my rear anti brake light is on and my brake light.
    my back wheel is locked like it is dragging
    i checked the fluid and that is all good.
    i have a automatic trans..
    i just bought this trooper 3 days ago and dont know much about it yet
    this all happened when i changed the tail light and had my daughter hold down the brake pedal to see it the light worked.that is when i seen the lights in the dash were on and then i checked my brakes by driving backwards and then forwards and noticed it was locked and dragging
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    Hi again, the connector is a 3 wire and is jumpered as follows, and is found as described previously. The jumper must be installed and then the ignition turned on afterwards. ABS light should display two digit code If only 12 code flashes with no other codes, then it means no other codes stored

    With IGN OFF, connect #1 terminal with #3 terminal (GND). Then turn IGN ON.
    Keep #1 terminal connected with #3 terminal (GND) during DTC display. (If #1 terminal is separated from #3 terminal (GND) during display, display will stop.)

    How To Erase Code: Connect and disconnect jumper wire between #1 terminal and #3 terminal (GND) at least 3 times within 30 seconds.
    There is no time limit to "opening", but "each grounding" must be more than 1 second and the entire 3-grounding sequence must be completed within 30 seconds.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    OK, is the parking brake off now and adjusted so that the switch is set properly?
    I would have to wonder if the caliper itself is locked, and causing the combination valve to signal uneven brake pressures to the ecbm.
    You could try a hard application of the brakes while moving forward and then backwards to see if the caliper unfreezes, but that is unlikely and not a fix, as it will likely just lock up again if that is where the problem lies. You should inspect brake tubes and hoses for pinch or kink, and then check the abs connector as described in this thread. If you get a code other than 12, post again and I will try to find it. Good luck
  • jjokerjjoker Member Posts: 8
    The rear brakes on the Trooper is also where the Emergency brake engages. The rear rotors, if you have four wheel disc, have the calipers and pads on them but they also have a set of brake shoes inside the rotor that engage when you pull up the emergency brake lever. I might be wrong but maybe check the rear rotors and see if the emergency brakes are stuck and possible dragging on the inside of the rotors. That could be causing the problem and the light might be coming on because of the rear wheel speed sensor located on top of the rear differential noticing your rear wheels are not moving at the correct speed. I'm probably wrong but its worth a shot.

  • trooperguytrooperguy Member Posts: 19
    Please repost these diagrams as they are no longer available.
  • trooperguytrooperguy Member Posts: 19
    I assume the above jumper sequence is specific to a 1994 Trooper. For my 1998 Trooper S with TOD, I have been jumping terminals #4 & #12 to obtain diagnostic codes. Please advise.
  • sullyairsullyair Member Posts: 2
    Sinful, did you ever find the problem? I have a 1995 Rodeo with the same syptoms. It feels like the parking brake is on while in drive, but it seems fine in neutral and reverse.

    The abs light and brake light are on. I am not getting any codes. I'll pull the wheels tonight when I get home. I was hoping you had some info.
  • backintoitbackintoit Member Posts: 2
    ABS light came on intermittently then permanently. Dealer checked out and code showed bad G-Sensor. Dealer claims they checked wiring to & from G-Sensor and that was okay, so they replaced the G-Sensor, $128 for the part and $442 labor! Within 5miles from dealer the light came back on. Besides "they got it wrong" does anyone have any idea of how to solve the problem?
  • mjr0116mjr0116 Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to forum and in need of tech help for a friend. We are working on a street rod that has been placed over an Isuzu frame and running gear. At this time we are working on the rear drum brakes. I have all of the hardware and shoes removed.
    Could someone assist to identify what the year, make and model might possibly be when ordering parts at the local supply. The drums are six bolt. The emergency brake activator is the spring loaded cable and stop passing through the bottom of the backing plate. Self adjuster located above the center line on the upper portion of the shoes. Drum max diameter 10.059. Shoe width 2.0 inches.
    A vin number that may be from the original vehicle's records indicate from the tenth position, letter "R", as a 1994 but what model? Are there any stampings or casting numbers that we should locate? Is there a limited amount of models and years to narrow the search? Is there a vin number location on the frame to confirm what the model may be?
    Thanks in advance! Mike...
  • user4009user4009 Member Posts: 1

    I have a 99 Isuzu Trooper. The right and left rear brake lights stopped working at the same time. The center brake light on the rear door still works. I would appreciate any suggestions on what the problem may be and what I can do to fix it.

  • flyboy1424flyboy1424 Member Posts: 1

    Just curious if you were ever able to find out what was the problem. I have been reading that there is a ABS relay that could be bad?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    there is a taillight relay in the engine compt. fuse box that energises when the brake pedal is pushed. I would start there (swap it with same relay temporarily) to check if at least that is the problem. CMSL is on a different circuit. ABS has nothing to do with exterior lights. HTH
  • fluff5fluff5 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 Isuzu Pup - brakes go to the floor. I have tried a new master cylinder and bled brakes several times. They will still go to the floor and also brake light and antilock light come on, but I am receiving no codes. I have also adjusted rod coming out of booster, but problem still exists. There are no leaks. It has four wheel disc brakes. Brake light and antilock go out when you take your foot off the pedal. Emergency brake cable is disconnected. Do you have any ideas what this could be?

    Fluff5 :confuse:
  • wate5952wate5952 Member Posts: 1
    My driver's side rear brake rotor is really hot. My caliper master was stuck so I replaced the caliper. It got less hot, but still hotter than the rest so I disconnected the parking brake, replaced the rotor, put on new pads. It's still just as hot. Any suggestions?
  • trevor49trevor49 Member Posts: 2
    Syptoms, Brake peddle going to floor then with a strange bonging noise the brake peddle pushes against my foot with the bonging noise sounding almost like a disney cartoon tune. Brakes not working?

    It's a 3.1 Diesel and i think it's a 92 late model
    Has any one solved a similar problem please?
  • trevor49trevor49 Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone changed the Auto box to a Manual box and if so did you use a box from a mini lorry?
    I have a 3.1 diesel
  • catmando1catmando1 Member Posts: 10
    I'm trying to get the error codes from the REAR ABS system on my trooper. Searching the 'net I find this thread from years ago, but it doesnt seem as though is was ever answered fully. I have the exact same setup as JJoker has in the very first post of this thread.

    The 3-wire DLC wire jumper for diagnostics only gives the emmision diagnostics associated with the Check Engine Light, not for the ABS.

    Has anyone ever retreived an ABS fault code from a 1995? If so, how?

    thanks, Matt
  • dr_woofdr_woof Member Posts: 5
    I have an 89 trooper (4ZE1 engine, 4 door, manual tranny) with March 89 production date. Needs a rear right side brake cable. There were apparetly three types of these made (for different production dates) but I cant find one anywhere for the life of me. Probably didnt make too many T2s after march 89 so I guess this explains it. I did find one at a junk yard bit it was rusted in and on its last legs - wont last long. Anybody know where I might get one?.
  • gimpelgimpel Member Posts: 2
    I had a similiar issue. There is a small part in the rear calipers that when it snaps, the emergency brake doesn't work any longer. I had this problem AND a bolt holding the caliper on came loose... all my braking power went away. I took the truck in to have the rear brakes inspected.
  • gimpelgimpel Member Posts: 2
    I have a grey import from Japan (I suspect) 1991 Isuzu Trooper II, holden jackaroo. Imported from Japan to Papua New Guinea.

    Currently my rear brake caliper has busted parts and I need to replace it. However I can not find the proper place to order or part number for such a caliper.

    I'm not sure if a U.S. part will work, and since it's a grey import, (grey = imported bypassing the dealerships so may not be up to spec for this country), I'm not sure if I need the Japanese or the Australian part.

    Either way I can't get a straight answer on these brake calipers... I need two new ones and have no idea what to get.

    If anyone can help me, please contact me, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere without the ability to stop, which is important to my wife. I know.. she's picky (-;

    VIN UBSSSFK-7104227
    BODY TYpe v4v
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    There is a former Isuzu Technician/Trainer who has bought out inventories from Isuzu dealers in America who may be able to help you. I have pretty much used him exclusively for parts for my 94 for the last 5 years or so. You can email him at [email protected] . I know he ships to the lower 48 but you can ask him if he has your part and if he will ship it in the event someone else does not live in the US. Hope this helps.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Member Posts: 414
    There is a free website provided by Isuzu for parts information. I don't know that it covers everything, but it is very useful for most vehicles sold in North America. It is . Just punch in your data, and it will give you a few different ways to search. Sometimes you have to just work your way through the illustrations when searching for a part name does not work. Hope this helps.
  • mattyv1mattyv1 Member Posts: 2
    Was hoping you could help me with a question. I recently purchased a used Trooper and the brake rotors are pitted. I'm trying to replace, but am having a difficult time. I've removed the caliper and caliper bracket, but am unsure if I need to remove the hub assembly to get to the rotors or does it all come off as one piece? Is there a cotter pin under that cap that needs to come off? Any help would be appreciated. Garage tried charging me a fortune. Need to keep the car safe for newborn.

  • mattyv1mattyv1 Member Posts: 2
    Was hoping you could help me with a question. I recently purchased a used Trooper and the brake rotors are pitted. I'm trying to replace, but am having a difficult time. I've removed the caliper and caliper bracket, but am unsure if I need to remove the hub assembly to get to the rotors or does it all come off as one piece? Is there a cotter pin under that cap that needs to come off? Any help would be appreciated. Garage tried charging me a fortune. Need to keep the car safe for newborn.

  • jjokerjjoker Member Posts: 8
    What year is your Trooper? It has been a while since i replaced the rotors but from what I remember you can get them off by tapping the rotor with a Rubber Mallet. You may have to hit them pretty good but they will come off. I have replaced rotors on a 95 and 92 trooper and there was no need to take off the hub or any cotter pins when replacing the rotors. If you have the caliper and caliper bracket off you should be ready to tap the rotor off. The only other thing I can think of if you are having trouble getting the rear rotors off is to make sure you don't have the emergency brake on. The rear rotors use a "drum" brake inside the rotor when the emergency brake is engaged. Make sure to chock the front wheels so the car doesn't roll.
  • cope77cope77 Member Posts: 4
    My 2002 Trooper has an inoperable ABS system (Light is on) unless the temperature of the car is < 40F. Light is off and it works great, but eventually the car warms and the light comes on the system goes back to not working. The code is 43. I've pulled the connector off the ECBM and checked pins but so far no answer.
  • duncanmacleodduncanmacleod Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue, only with a codes 43 & 44. Did you ever get an answer?
  • cope77cope77 Member Posts: 4
    I did not get an answer to my question. Now the system has stopped working altogether so it looks like I'll have to replace the main control unit.
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