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Toyota Tacoma Engine Questions

brucejohbrucejoh Posts: 1
Occasionally when trying to start the engine there is no response. After 2 or 3 tries it will start. I have a new battery and have checked the "valet" switch on the factory alarm. All lights come on like normal but no turnover. Please help. Thanks John


  • toyadamstoyadams Posts: 5
    When is too soon to add a K&N Air Intake to a 2006 tacoma V6? Would it mess with anything, computer, break-in, if I installed one with 1000 miles or should I wait?
  • another important question is, does the intake count as a modification on the engine and void the warranty?
  • nytaco05nytaco05 Posts: 13
    Personaly, I would break it in a few thousand miles. I just Order a K&N 77 series cold air intake. It will give you 10-12 Horses on the wheel, and WILL NOT VOID FACTORY WARANTY! you can get it from for around $220.00.

    need anymore info, feel free to email me. I've done major research for the 05+ tacomas, and I keep looking around all the time for anything new in the market.
  • I don't have my owner's manual to this truck but I was just wondering if anyone knew right off hand how many quarts of oil that a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner with a 4.0 liter V6 takes?

    I think it is 5 or 5.5 but want to know for sure.

  • Toyota says 5.5 (with filter), which is what I use ... although I find that this amount shows a little high on the dipstick.
  • steveh427steveh427 Posts: 25
    I drive my '05 Double cab about 2 to 3 times per week. I was thinking of using something like Lucas Oil stabilizer to better protect the engine from cold starts. Has anyone used this and what is your opinion? Also, on average, how long does it take for oil to completely circulate throughout the engine?
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I would stay away from Lucas products, except for the fuel system cleaner. Everything else is just a waste of money in a new Toyota engine. You can't do any better than just using Mobil 1 synthetic with an OEM or Mobil 1 or Napa oil filter.
  • tacotrdtacotrd Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 tacoma w/offroad package and v6. It came with the TRD performance exhaust. I bought the AFE stage 2 air intake and installed it earlier in the week. Right off the bat I noticed a louder sound when I stepped into the gas(Beware it is MUCH LOUDER!! :surprise: ). I also noticed a bad vibration when I really step into it. I put rubber washers where there was metal to metal on the new system. It seems to help a little but there is still a vibration. I am waiting for the AFE tech guy to call back :mad: . AFE says that it will add 19 hp but it is hard to tell if there is a big difference. I have a friend who will dyno it for me. I should have the before and after results in a few days. And the rumors of better gas mileage I can not confirm yet either. Does anyone have a clue about the vibration? :confuse:
  • tacotrdtacotrd Posts: 4
    BTW I talked to my Toyota service center and they said the air intake kits will not void the warranty. They probly won't cover the MAF sensor because of the oil though. The over all sound is great. It is a lot beefier at normal driving. My only complaint is the bad harmonic resinance vibration that it has when I really step on it. Like I said the rubber washers helped but it is still there. The AEF filter has a box like setup that the filter sits in and I am wondering if it is acting like a speaker and amplifying the sound into a vibration. Maybe some sort of sound dampening foam lining the box will help.
  • tacotrdtacotrd Posts: 4
    So I put my truck on a dyno today and guess what the results were. After running it stock and with the stage 2 cold air intake it showed a 15 hp and 25 torque loss with the cold air intake. NO JOKE!!! So if anyone want's to put one on their 2005 or 2006 v6 toyota tacoma I would say hell no. The bad vibration at higher rpm and the power loss... oh I forgot to mention that I lost 3 mpg with it on too. So it is back to stock for me :) The next step is to return the kit and get my money back plus the cost of the dyno. Wish me luck.
  • erik327erik327 Posts: 1
    i wanna change the fuel filter on my 93 4x4 4 cyl p/u, anyone know where the filter is located?
  • My 2006 Taco has just over 1,000 miles and pipes (cat back) were put on 4 days after purchase. I want to try cold air intake but am concerned about the loss one member documents with AFE 2-stage intake -- dyno tested. LOVE to have more input on this from anyone. . .THANKS :confuse:
  • Well I can say that I do have a noticeable power increase. Truckin mag dynoed the taco with the K&N intake. the results, 12hp on the wheel. Sounds about right to me. I say go with the K&N :)
  • When I put the afe stage 2 cold air intake on my 06 v6 taco w/ cat back exhaust I thought there was a power gain. I was mistaken. There was a quicker throttle response which felt like more power. I put it on a dyno and it lost 15hp and 25 torque. I have looked at the k&n and it is pretty much the same as the afe except for some cosmetics and a different filter box. I would beware of magazine reports since they get paid to advertise for products. I am not sure why the air intakes are not working for the 05-06 tacoma. My mechanic said that toyota is now using aircraft quality air filters which have much better air flow. Maybe it is something in the software.
  • Help!

    I have a 2000 Tacoma that repeatedly does not start when it is hot. I never know when it's going to be. As a result of this frustration, I had the alternator, battery and starter checked. They said everything is fine, yet yesterday it would not turn over twice in one day. Once it cools down, it starts. Please help with any suggestions. :cry:

    Thank You,

  • I have a 2005 Tacoma Prerunner. V6 5 speed automatic transmission. My concern is that sometimes when I am braking when going down a hill the engine will rev very high when it automatically downshifts. Is this common on a Tacoma? Does it somehow assist you on the downhills? Any cause for concern? Thanks for your input.
  • Could be the starter contacts wearing out in the starter solenoid,also most people dont realize that v6 Tacos have also what is called a hard starting problem and only for the 2003-2004 Tacos did toyota come up with a Technical service bulletin to fix this problem,My 2004 had this problem and had 2 TSBs done to finally resolve this issue.Check into other Toyota websites and for starting problems and fixs it will help you track down the problem.
  • gillybgillyb Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2004 Tacoma double cab 4x4. My problem is I lose power when I make a turn, it's seems the sharper I turn the worse it gets. Once I complete the turn the power comes back, It run great other than that. Can anybody tell me where to start.
  • fritz2fritz2 Posts: 2
    1997 tacoma 2.7L. The bolt and pin that holds the chain sprocket on to the camshaft has broken twice. Is there any history on this. Seems to be a stretch bolt and hardened pin.
  • Anyone noticed that the 4.0 V-6 calls for less oil than the 2.7 I-4, even though it's a full 1.3 liters larger. Could this compromise durability in the V-6? I know that on the older Toyota trucks, the I-4s always lasted longer.What gives? Comments?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Can't go by displacement alone to determine oil needs. You also have to see how the engine uses the oil - it may be providing lube and/or cooling for other components in the 2.7.

    Heck, if it was just displacement, my 5.9L Cummins diesel shouldn't need 13 quarts when the 6.1L Hemi uses about half as much (7 quarts).
  • I have a 2003 Tacoma 4x4 4dr. All of a sudden the throttle pedal was not very responsive and the engine light came on. I had to really press down on it to get the car to respond. I immediately brought it to the repair shop.

    They said they had to "remove excessive dirt and carbon from the throttle body". They said it seems to have fixed it, but if the engine light comes on again - they will have to "replace throttle actuator control unit for $1,335". And that I should be using high octane gas.

    That doesn't sound right to me. Am I being unnecessarily suspicious?
  • I have a 96 tacoma V6. The check engine light just came on. I went to a car parts store and they told me it was a cylinder 2 misfire. I am going to change the spark plug but I don't have a manual so I don't know which is cylinder 2. Any help would be great. Thanks
  • My 4 door doesn't like me to fill it accepts fuel very slowly and can take upwards of 30 minutes to fill the tank. HELP?
  • tony57tony57 Posts: 2
    My 2005 Tacoma with 40k has a white milky build-up on the oil fill cap. I think it’s a head gasket problem, but the dealer claims it normal on the V6.
    Has anyone experienced this issue?
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    I've seen the same thing on my 2005 since first oil change. I think it's just condensation in the oil. Hopefully it's nothing.
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