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What would you pay for: 2018 Colorado LT, 4WD, crew cab, short bed, black/black

american_pieamerican_pie Posts: 5
edited May 2018 in Chevrolet
Unfortunately I find essentially as useless as all the other car sites out there for figuring out what a dealer's absolute rock bottom price is. (I swear Edmunds, True Car et al, are in cahoots with the dealers.)

That said, at this point, my budget for an LT that's been sitting on the lot for 6 months is no more than $27K. I'd go as high as $30K for a redline/midnight edition.

What about you guys who are in similar situation? (in no rush to buy a vehicle but also no longer willing to waste your time and play the stupid dealer games) What would you pay?

At this point, I am done - DONE - walking into dealerships and having my intelligence insulted... Final straw was having a salesman at supposedly the biggest/best Chevy dealer in the country telling me that "this week the document fee is $1900". When I nearly choked and reminded him that last week the fee was $600, he said, quite rudely and with attitude, "That was last week. We're done talking about last week. That's the price this week." $1900 for the license/registration crap which should only cost about $100 anyway! I refrained from kicking him in the nazzards and just smiled politely, thanked him regardless, and walked out.

I can't wait until Jeff Bezos puts all of these guys out of business and I can just pick what I want online and be pretty sure I'm getting the lowest price possible.
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