Chrysler Crossfire Audio System Problems

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Does anyone know if there are any auxilary adapters for the back of the 2005 crossfire stereo. Not for Ipod but one that will give me access to use RCA cables. I noticed that the stereo has any auxilary button on it. Does anyone know if it is out there? I have searched the internet and could not find it.


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    GREAT QUESTION as I dealt with this last August. The answer, unfortunately is no. I had them install an adapter that tapped into the antenna (go figure) and basically ran on an rf signal, but it wasn't that great. I replaced mine with an aftermarket Alpine system which had RCAs that I use for my Creative Zen Touch.

    Sounds so much better than the stock system even with the factory speakers.
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    That really sucks......thanks for the update.
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    I've been having trouble locating a radio installation kit that will allow me to install a Jensen MP8610BT radio/CD player. After talking with Audiovox, they indicated a radio install kit would be required for this particular in-dash unit, but couldn't give me any leads as to where to get one. Can anyone help?

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    Hi All,
    I have a beautiful 05 Roadster, but live in a winter Province. Has anyone heard of there being a liner available for the interior convertible top??
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    Is my stereo bad? It sounds like crap - very "tinny" even though the bass
    is cranked up and treble tuned down. I have read where others believe the stereo
    system is great. I can't find another Crossfire to compare stereo sound with!
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    I have been searching for some HOT...spoked, chrome wheels for my Crossfire...any suggestions as to where to go to purchase them...I had a set put on my car this afernoon...when I showed up to pick up the car...they looked worse than the factory wheels...I had them put my old set back on the depressing...Has anyone put 20" in the back and 19" in the front...if so, how is the [email protected]
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    Anyone have a suggestion on this?? I can't stand the Infinity system that came in the car... have purchased a JVC unit but cannot find an install kit. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you!!
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    How can I chage my own oil on my 2005 Crossfire

  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349

    Go to the UK Crossfire Forum...Find thread on oil link to a Mercedes instructional with pictures, etc....same engine...
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    Is there any way to install an audio system with a flip up nav screen in an '05 crossfire? Im looking at the Jensen VM9312HD (though any similar system would do) but I get the impression I would need an adapter or kit if it is even possible.
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    I own a 2004 crossfire and have recently purchased a new cd/dvd player for the vehicle. I am having trouble taking out the factory cd player and it is very frustrating. Can anybody help me out with the solution? Thanks!!!
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    How do I locate and change the sound amplifier in my Crossfire? I have no sound on my stereo.
  • darfdarf Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchase the chip that is advertised to increase HP and Mileage?
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    I have the same problem did you find a solution?
  • michelynekmichelynek Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 crossfire and the clear coat around the front window is pealing off the car is garaged and covered does anyone else having this problem?
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    I have the same problem. car is always parked inside.
  • jzaporoskyjzaporosky Member Posts: 2
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    I have a 2005 SRT6 Roadster. Today the CD player portion of the radio jammed. To get the disc out I inserted the removal keys, removed the radio, then removed the top panel by pulling the edge up from the rear. I carefully removed the front panel by prying away the sides of the chassis to free the tabs. Then I reached in and pulled the disc out while lifting the hub on the disc with a small screwdriver and pulling the disc out over the two fingers blocking the disc opening.
    Ok, I thought that was all I needed to do, but when I installed the radio, the cd drive would not accept a disc. The two black plastic fingers that block the opening would not retract.
    I removed the unit again and while sitting in the car I removed the top panel to take a look. Not seeing anything amiss and having no other ideas, I just gave the radio a slap with my hand to see if something was jammed. The CD drive then woke up, motors whirring and the carriage changed its position. Now it works fine.
    Problem is age I think. The lubricants are old and drying out. I may see this problem again.
    These radios are made in Germany by Harman and Betts
    I will need to replace it, but I will keep the old radio to keep the car original should I sell it.
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