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Volvo XC90 safety overrated?

bbarker99bbarker99 Posts: 4
edited June 2018 in Volvo
I'm looking for a 3-row SUV and trying to choose between the 2018 XC90 and Subaru Ascent. Safety is mine #1 priority.

Given Volvo's reputation for safety, I was surprised to see that the IIHS XC90 "Torso" side impact crash test rating was "Acceptable" instead of "Good". For many cars (i.e. Subaru outback) , Side Impact is "Good" down the line. (

Furthermore, it has been "Acceptable" since 2016. So Volvo doesn't seem to be fixing this. Any idea if the 2019 version will fix this? Is it a structural issue?

What's going on? Is Volvo's reputation for safety overrated? I was very surprised to see this. Any insights would be greatly helpful. Thanks!
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