Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: Accessories

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Talk about Fusion/Milan accessories here!


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    Bring this motor over from europe, hook up the CVT or the Mazda 6 spd. I'll buy one today!
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    for Fusion.. splash guards are now available FYI..
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    Will the Factory Navigation System for the Lincoln Zephyr work in my Milan?
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    How could it fit, the dash design is completely different on the two cars?

    You would be better off buying a cheaper aftermarket Garmin or equivalent Nav system and then you can move it from vehicle to vehicle.

    Integral Nav systems are an overpriced dinosaur, in my opinion, and are not worth it unless they get a lot cheaper.
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    I remember one of you posted some pics a while back with Fusion stamped splash guards. Did you find them somewhere on the net? If so, where?

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    Yes, you can get the higher quality splash guards for the Fusion. They are a molded plastic and the rear ones say "Fusion" on them. Not too hard to install yourself. If you Have a good tool stash you don't have to remove the rear tires either. Go to I believe they are about $25.00 for the set of 4.
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    It would be great if the nav system fit into the Milan/Fusion. It's worth the upgrade to keep the steering wheel controls, etc.
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    Any thoughts for a good set of floor mats? The carpeted ones that came with the Fusion are fine, but with winter coming I want a nice set of clear or colored rubber/vinyl floor mats for it. Are the Ford all weather mats any good?
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    I'm curious about the Ford rubber mats too. Aren't they around $80? I had some from Target in my old car. I had them for 5+ years and they still looked as good as new....when I cleaned them. I think they were around $15 a piece for the fronts.
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    l am brand new owner of milan. l cant find any dealers that have accessory parts catalogue yet.. looking for spoilers ,17 alloy ,6cd changermto put in base model l4
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    There are not alot of accessories out for the Fusion/Milan.


    You still have to purchase the accessories from a franchised dealer. But this gives you a way to know what is available.

    You won't want the factory radio 6-cd, it will be way to expensive to be worth it.

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    I bought a keyless entry pad online from a Ford dealer for an 06 Fusion. The programming instructions that came with it only covered Ford vehicles up to MY 04. I have emailed customer service 3 different times only to get less than helpful responses.

    I know that on older vehicles, keyless entry pads were programmed just like the remote entry key fobs (you push the 7/8 & 9/0 buttons on the keypad instead of the unlock button on the fob). But as all you Fusion/Milan owners know, the "Integrated Keyhead Transmitter" is programmed differently and doesn't require you to push any buttons at all.

    Have any of you installed a keyless entry pad on your Fusion/Milan, and if so, could you kindly tell me how to program it?

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    :) Try weathertech(online) great floormats for Milan/Fusion.
    Other good accessories as well.
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    Just watched a You Tube video by Dan Edmunds regarding the all weather floor mats on a Fusion. Some dumb cluck placed the all weather floor mats over top of the already installed carpeted floor mats, and since there is not sufficient room, can cause the mat to interfere with the throttle pedal. The all weather floor mat was not hooked to the retainer clip (because the other floor mat was already installed). Similar as what was/is happening to some Toyota products. Now watch as Congress and NHTSA outlaw floor mats in cars because dummy customers can't read the warnings that tell them not to install over existing floor mats. Good mats/dumb people make for a dangerous mix!!
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    Ford TSB 06-15-08 has the Ford Accessory Keyless Entry programming procedures. I think the TSBs are accessible thru the NHTSA website. If you can't locate the TSB, let me know and I'll try to scan a copy of it and email to you.
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    I guess given the choice between having these foolish people maybe crash into me because of their pedal getting stuck or having the fussy folks who buy all weather floor mats having to do without them and live with the horror of dirty regular floor mats, I'd take the latter. :D
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    post a link to that video. my fusion has plenty of room around the gas pedal. I measured it a while back.
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