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How do you access the A/C condensation drip pan in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma pickup?


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    The dashboard heater, A/c fan on my Tacoma SR5 is acting up. This past weekend, it stopped working again and as once before, it mysteriously began working with no intervention. Anyone out there have any clue as to what is wrong? I took it in to the dealer and they wated $180 just to look at it.
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    I have the exact same problem, if you find out what the problem is could you please email me at [email protected] thanks!
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    the fan in my toyota tacoma 2001 sounds like there is tape or something else in it, but I can not find where the fan is, heater fan that is.
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    Might be the heater control valve, if my memory serves me correctly. My old Volvo used to put out a "rustling leaves" sound when mine went faulty.
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    I have a 2001 tacoma and there is condensation leaking into the cab/floorboard from underneath the dash. If any one has any knowledge of this and knows how to fix it the help would be appreciated. thanks
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    The same night i posted that question i fixed the problem the drain tube leading from under the dash to under the hood was stopped up with grass. I pulled the tube off and blew it out and added a small length of rubber tubing to the end with a pipe clamp and ran it down beside the frame to ensure that i didnt have this problem come up again. Hope this will help any body that has a similar problem with their AC
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    My 2004 Tacoma SR5 4X4 has an AC problem, and it is very hot here in TN. It started out not cooling well, then not at all. I put the oil and coolant in it, but it works a minute then stops, starts, stops and repeats this while never getting the cab air to blow cool.

    Can someone tell me where to look for a solution?????
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    I recently purchased a 2007 Tacoma with 6000 miles. I noticed that the air conditioner tends to cycle from mildly cold to very cold about every 10 to 20 seconds, no matter what speed the air conditioner is on or whether or not the recirculation button is on. I have been to the dealership twice and they replaced the freon. They also claim the AC is working properly and works the same as another Tacoma. Have others noticed a cycling of the air conditioner as described above. I would like to know this information before I take the truck to my long time mechanic to check the AC out.
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    My new in February 2008 Tacoma does the exact same thing. I took to the dealership and same story, couldn't find anything wrong. Freon OK. It seems to me it blows too cold and then cycles off. Have you found a fix for yours yet?
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    I've tried to get this fixed twice at the dealer and both times - nothing.

    I am getting water in my duct work, both when it rains and when I use the AC. And I am not talking about a drip here. If I hang a left I hear water sloshing all behind the console and it drips and soaks into the passenger side rug.

    And if i hang a right, at times, no less than a gallon of water will pour onto my feet. Its at the point now where I pull my feet back every time I make a turn. And i am constantly in a small puddle.

    Any help? I talked to a guy who used to be a mechanic and he said that I should have a drain in the ducts that is probably blocked.

    But I don't know the first thing about where to look and any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the same problem with my 2008 pre-runner. I thought it was a thermostat problem.
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    my air-condition quit working today. It keep blowing the fuse everytime I turn it on
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    i have a toyota tacoma regular cab and when i turn on the airconditioning it just comes out in the feet area..i try to switch it the dashboard vents but it won't work, can anyone help me with this problem? thanks....
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    I have an '08 PreRunner SR5, V-6, Extended Cab with 43,000 miles. Recently I have started hearing a barely audible, slight "ding" sound every once in a while and only when the A/C is on. Sometimes I hear it a few times within a minute or two, sometimes only every few minutes. I have also noticed lately that when I stop and park, whether the engine is left running or not, what seems like excessive dripping of water (condensation, I suppose), but that may be normal because it has been very hot lately in Tennessee (over 90 degrees most days) and I run the A/C all the time. Also, it seems the A/C blows colder at some times and a little less cool at other times. Anybody having similar experience and/or any explanations? Thanks.
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    i get the same thing! just started about a month ago! did you ever find out why?
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    There is a drain tube that comes out underneath the vehicle (that's the water puddle you see when parked after running the A/C). Look under the vehicle in the area of the heater, A/C unit. Try to open up the tube blockage with a length of wire, etc.

    If the blockage is really bad, it may be from leaves, dirt, etc. that have gotten inside the unit and ductwork. That would mean disassembly of the whole unit. It's a big job, but not impossible and it's way better than driving around with your feet in a bath tub.
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