Mazda3 Audio and Entertainment System Questions

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I don't really like the Mazda3's stereo options. I've heard that it is difficult to add aftermarket stuff to this car. What types of options are there for aftermarket equipment (particularly the head unit)? Thanks a lot.


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    I recommend you two kind of products, one is adapter, the other is MP3, you can plug this product into the CD changer of the head unit, please have a look at the picture.
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    does anyone have more details on the aux input? is it just a regular input that you can connect your ipod too or is the interface like the one on the scion that'll display artist and track info on the radio??
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    I saw a 2007 Mazda 3 about a month ago...From what I recall it's just a standard stereo minijack, so it'll work with any MP3 player, not just iPods. It's in the center-console storage/armrest. It has a passthrough slot so you can put the MP3 player in the top portion of the armrest, and the cable and everything else is hidden below.

    This is standard equipment. But if you want Ipod control & dsiplay, you'll need to get the upcoming Mazda iPod adapter, or buy one of those FM-based adapters already available.
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    Just bought my new 2007 Mazda3 Sport (Canada). Car is fine, two days in, but audio system is another story.

    In short, I purchased the new Mazda iPod adapter ($187 CDN) when I ordered the car, but can't seem to make it work. It didn't come with instructions. When I plugged in the iPod, the Mazda logo appeared on the iPod screen and below that it read: "O.K. to Disconnect". The car audio display said EX 1: 1. But the system only played one song, over-and-over. It won't randomly play multiple songs, as advertised.

    So I checked out the Apple website for "ipod adapter". It referred me to this page.

    It turns out that BMW was the first to use the adapter, in 2004. In order for it to work in the BMW, the user had to create playlists specifically titled BMW1, BMW2, etc; that allowed the Mazda adapter software to recognize the iPod and different playlists. I tried making playlists using MAZDA or MZD, but nothing worked.

    To make matters worse, the new AUX IN that came with the car doesn't work (the jack is in the container under the arm rest in the 2007 M3 Sport). According to the car manual, I am supposed to press the button on the console that says MEDIA in order to activate the AUX IN. But nothing happens.

    Now you might be asking, why don't you ask the dealer for help? Thing is, I did, and although they installed the Mazda-branded ipod adapter (by the way, they ran the wire into the cupholder compartment, not the glove compartment as they were supposed to), they told me they don't have a clue how it's supposed to work, that none of them even own iPods. They told me to call Mazda Canada, which I did. A surly customer service agent said she had never even heard of such a thing called a Mazda iPod adapter, that it's the dealer's poblem and that perhaps I should call Apple. Yes, great customer service.

    So if anyone owns a 2007 Mazda with a Mazda iPod adapter and has any advice on how to make the adapter work, I'd greatly appreciate it. Do I have the right to ask my dealer to take the damn thing out if they can't make it work and give me my money back?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Frustrated in Toronto, Tosh.
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    I just purchased the same ipod adapter for my 2007 mazada3 and got pretty much the same problems responce from the dealer. Except the only ran the cable to my glove compartment. Luck when I picked up my can the mazda rep was there and I showed them the problem. They said they will get back to me in a few days.

    Anyways as far as figuring out how it works, this is all I figured out so far. By changing the Disk fast it changes the play mode used by the iPod (via playlist, artist, track, genera etc...) You can tell what mode you are in by the 3 digits on the display, they are 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, & 600. I think when in mode 500 you are cycling through the playlists. but still a bit confused as I need a user guide badly. There is also a problrm when u only have one track in a playlist or one track from an artist the track step button restarts the song and at 1st I thought something was wrong untill I figured out what was going on.

    Anyways best of luck and if you get any info please post it and I'll do the same
  • drew17drew17 Member Posts: 2
    Go to

    look for the user guide under the mazda3 section
  • madatmazdamadatmazda Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I read those instructions and they were better than nothing.

    But really folks - why do we put up with this? All I needed was a way to get the iPod to play thru the car's speakers directly - without using RF. I don't need to power the iPod, I don't need another way to navigate the iPod. I just want a way to hear it thru the car stereo without FM tuning it. Why is it so hard? This lame adapter Mazda came out with puts my entire music collection behind a wall of babel. They call this an interface?? I call it a waste! All I needed was a male headphone jack that connected to the stereo's amp for crying out loud!

    I am an extremely unhappy customer. Myself and every person on this forum had to search for instructions and those instructions STILL have to be correctly translated.

    This adapter is a SHAM!
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    "All I needed was a way to get the iPod to play thru the car's speakers directly - without using RF. I don't need to power the iPod, I don't need another way to navigate the iPod. I just want a way to hear it thru the car stereo without FM tuning it."

    I don't know what model year Mazda you have, but don't the '07 models include as standard equipment an 'aux in' jack (and a power plug) in the center console?
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    Want to put in satellite radio and have heard with the aux input it should be easy to get the lil portable tuner. How much more equipment is there, i dont want my brand new car looking like a dj booth with a ton of wires all over the place. Would i be better off just hard wiring it in?
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    Well I sort of feel better now that I see it's not just me w/ the ipod issues followed by the blank look of the Mazda sales and service people you think they would know a little more about the product they are selling and/or fixing.

    I just bought the 07 GT w/ the aux jack in the arm rest and which I thought was kool and was assured by the salesmen that I could control it through the steering wheel and was a deciding factor between getting a year end deal on the 06 or spending a few extra bucks and saving lives by keeping my eyes on the road and not the ipod.

    I was at the Mazda service center today and they said I needed some adapter that costs close to $200

    Does anyone know hopefully more than the people who a certified to service these cars what is needed to control my ipod through the steering wheel
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    Is the brand name of the faulty iPod adapter Neo ProLink (PODMAZV1)? Are there other brands available? I'm thinking of buying the Neo Prolink online. The company claims "You can not only move between tracks from the factory radio, you can skip between playlists, albums, and artists as well." I would have my local car audio store install it for me. No need for Mazda customer service if anything goes wrong. Any advice?
  • mazda3_fanmazda3_fan Member Posts: 9

    Using nothing but the aux port in the 2007 Mazda3, the only steering wheel control you have is the volume -- and that's only if you have a a special cable that plugs in from the aux port to the iPod's docking port (not headphone port), which costs about $30.

    The one being sold by Mazda is a true iPod integration kit that allows you to use the steering wheel controls to skip through the first 5-6 playlists you have, as if they were CDs in your CD changer. However, because you can control the iPod through the stereo or steering wheel controls, use of the iPod controls are disabled (or at least they are on other similar systems). It also charges your iPod while it's plugged in.

    Most car companies now have their own branded product for true iPod integration, but they all work the same way -- that is, the system gets plugged in to the back of your stereo system (usually at the expense of losing your CD changer or satellite radio); the stereo/steering wheel controls will control the iPod, but only to some extent; the first 5-6 playlists are treated as if they are CDs in your CD changer and the tracks can be set to play at random, with the last "playlist" being the entire contents of the iPod; the iPod controls are disabled while plugged in; and the iPod is charged while plugged in.

    Hope this helps.
  • ryanseuryanseu Member Posts: 1
    Where do you find this $30 auxport -> docking port? I just recently purchsed a 2007 mazda3s and like you, I was told ipod connection was possible.
  • archmikusarchmikus Member Posts: 3
    Most of these so-called "iPod integration kits" are, for lack of a better term, absolute junk. Unless the car is designed from the beginning with the iPod in mind, the solution is always going to be somewhat of a hack. That's exactly what the Mazda iPod kit is: a very expensive hack.

    Here's what I would do: connect the iPod (via the dock connector) to a Belkin auto charger (Belkin part # F8V7058-APL-BLK) that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the M3's center console. Then run a line-in cable from the belkin charger to the Aux in port inside the M3's center console. Place your iPod in one of the cup holders using Belkin's TuneDok (Belking part # F8E467-BLK). Or, get a ProClip from and mount the iPod on the dash next to the climate control system. This way, you only have one cable that connects to your iPod, and it will always be charged.

    Granted, you don't get full integration with the stereo, but you can at least use the volume knob of the radio or the volume buttons on the steering wheel to control the iPod volume. And most importantly, you can use the iPod and its scroll wheel to access your music. Trying to use the Mazda3 stereo to select songs/playlists is slow and clunky anyway.

    Hopefully car manufacturers will wise up and start making truly elegant solutions, but until then, this is the way to go, IMHO.
  • puristdpuristd Member Posts: 1
    Could you elaborate on the "Then run a line-in cable from the belkin charger to the Aux in port inside the M3's center console." What specific type of cable is needed for this?
  • mazda3_fanmazda3_fan Member Posts: 9

    It's called the PocketDock Line Out USB ( and the sound quality is amazing.

    Cables To Go also has a similar product for less (, however, it does not give you any charging options. With the PocketDock, if you buy a USB car charger and regular USB cable, you can also charge your iPod while it's plugged in.

    Hope this helps.
  • blerner2blerner2 Member Posts: 47
    I'm a big XM fan, and really would like my next car to have XM built in (I have it now in my Honda). I see that the Mazda 3's have an option for Sirius radio, but was wondering if I could swap out the Sirius module for an XM module, and it will still work with the head unit?

    Has anyone tried this? If I want XM, is there any benefit of paying for the Sirius option and trying to make this switch?
  • dridedride Member Posts: 139
    I'd like an adapter that would allow my Ipod to run through the aux button on my stereo. I don't need any of the Ipod controls to work on the stereo, just volume. How hard is the aux input to get to, and which adapter would be the easiest to use. I have an 05 2.3. I am starting to get tired of the fm modulator.
  • madatmazdamadatmazda Member Posts: 2
    Someone advised this..."Then run a line-in cable from the belkin charger to the Aux in port inside the M3's center console. "

    Where can I get a diagram or schematic of where the Aux In Port is on my '05 M3??? The "custom car stereo experts" in my part of the country don't seem to understand what I'm talking about.

    No kidding.

  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    Im not sure if the 05 model has an AUX in jack, the 07s are in the center counsel next to the power jack.
  • mycal1mycal1 Member Posts: 2
    Yeah.. the 06 doesn't have it either. I have an 06 and all I want is a jack to plug in my mp3 (non ipod) I don't care where its controlled from, I just want to plug it in and play it over my car speakers. ANy suggestions?

    I have the 06 Mazda 3 sedan. Stock (base) stereo.

  • mycal1mycal1 Member Posts: 2
    Also... Does anyone know of anywhere on the net where I can see an image of the back of the stereo that is stock in 06 Mazda 3?
  • geladiogeladio Member Posts: 4
    Try this: I purchased it but have not installed it yet.
  • geladiogeladio Member Posts: 4
  • geladiogeladio Member Posts: 4
    Many Mazda3 owners wished they could control their Ipod using the Factory Stereo. You should check this out:

    I purchased one but I haven't install it yet..
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Member Posts: 71
    i have used many wireless transmitters with mostly bad results but I recently bought the Kensington "Digital FM Transmitter Auto Charger for Ipod" (whew!) and it is fantastic. I even bought a 2nd one for my wife's car. With rebate you can get it for around $40. I highly recommend it!
  • ceccitoutceccitout Member Posts: 5
    This may seem like a stupid thing to obsess about, but its driving me crazy! I have a '07 Mazda3 hatchback grand touring with the bose sound system. I have been all over the place trying to figure out how there are 7 speakers in my car (like this website,, and my window sticker said). I can obviously see where 6 of the seven are (two on the bottoms of the front doors, two tweeters behind the side mirrors, and two more in the rear doors), if anyone has any clue as to where the last speaker (or sub for that matter) is please let me know! thanks!
  • ceccitoutceccitout Member Posts: 5
    Im not sure if you are having the same problem as me, but i used to get a low end feedback noise through the speakers when i used the belkin "Auto Kit for iPod w/ Dock Connector" and ran the line out on the base of the belkin kit to the 'aux in' in the console (it uses a stereo headphone jack so it only requires a very small male to male 1/8th inch stereo cord). To get rid of the feed back i used a "ground loop isolator" from radio shack to go from the belkin kit to the line in and that solved the problem completely. Hope this helps.
  • notthe1notthe1 Member Posts: 2
    From what I've been told it is under the front passenger seat. I went throught the same issues when I bought mine and went to the dealer and had them tell me where they were
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    I believe the 7th "speaker" is a subwoofer that sounds like its either near the passenger seat or in the center counsel from what i can tell. Or atleast thats my best guess.
  • ceccitoutceccitout Member Posts: 5
    Thanks! That makes total sense now that I've been listening for a while!
  • ceccitoutceccitout Member Posts: 5
    I asked the same question of the dealer when i bought mine. He said that Mazda only has a deal with Sirius and that the module for the mazda stereo will only work with Sirius. He said not to worry about it though because XM is trying to buy Sirius, or the other way around... i can remember which he said. Point being soon it wont matter which you have. If that deal doesn't work out I'm sure you can use a portable XM unit in the AUX IN.
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    Has anyone else had an issue with getting a hum out of the speakers when hooked up to the aux input? I put in a car kit for my sirius radio and the input jack makes a few of the speakers hum.
  • ceccitoutceccitout Member Posts: 5
    Check out post #28, that solved my problem completely. I spoke to my dealer about it and he said any device powered by the cars power adapters (cigarette lighters) and plugged into the AUX IN could create a ground loop which sounds like a faint hum or buzz.
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    bunch more wires but it works great. Thanks alot!
  • ms3boomerms3boomer Member Posts: 2
    I've read all the forums and am finding conflicting information about which radio option will play MP3 CDs. Can anyone tell me if the either the standard or the Bose will play MP3 CDs? Thanks!
  • sheenam6sheenam6 Member Posts: 1
    I don't know if it's just my car (Mazda 3, 2.0) but no ipod fm transmitter works in my car from the Belkin to the Icarplay. I've tried everything. Did you ever find where the aux hole is?
    please email me if you have any suggestions or answers.
    [email protected]
  • roar02ramroar02ram Member Posts: 12
    Has anyone swapped speakers for this car? I've ordered a set of 6x8 Infinity References for the doors, but I'm a little iffy on replacing the tweeters. They're 1", right?
  • mazdrvrmazdrvr US Member Posts: 112
    The aux connection is in the center arm console; I wondered myself & found it yesterday... Hope this helped.
  • jharrisctjharrisct Member Posts: 18
    So the Bose/Moonroof 6CD changer doesn't play MP3's in an '07GT right?

  • mazdrvrmazdrvr US Member Posts: 112
    Ok, so I know where the aux is, what kind of cable & how do I plug in my iPod?
  • silvermzda3silvermzda3 Member Posts: 17
    it's a cable with 3.5mm plug (like on the end of your headphones) on each end, one into the car and one into the MP3/Ipod.
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    also keep in mind you might get feedback thru the speakers like a few of us have had. If you look back a few posts you will see what we mean.
  • silvermzda3silvermzda3 Member Posts: 17
    I only get a feedback, an electric whine interference, is when I hook it to a charger that's. I think it completes a loop, thus causing the interference.
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    Radio Shack...ground loop isolator. Solves the problem.
  • sigt1sigt1 Member Posts: 66
    the 07 Mazda 3 changer play MP3 CDs????
  • rehabberrehabber Member Posts: 1
    was wondering if you have been having problems with the radio's in these cars?

    Mine conks out and then next time I start my car it comes back on. The last time it happened I lost all my set channels. I checked the fuse, its fine. Has anyone else had this problem. I am scheduled to bring to the dealer on Monday Feb19th. I just hope it does it when it's there, nothing is more aggravating then a
    "No problem found" written on a repair order.
  • smageesmagee Member Posts: 1
    I'm picking up my 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 from the dealer tomorrow and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience installing an amp and sub to the stock CD player for the sport model. I am using my old amp and sub from my last car and am wondering how difficult it would be to take get in there to get everything connected. I have some experience dismantling car dashes and would like to know if I would be better off taking it in to a car audio shop to let some professionals handle it or if it is something an amature can handle on their own. Thanks in advance.
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Member Posts: 43
    its not too hard you just need the right parts to hook up to the factory stero for your rca outputs
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