transmission shifting issue in safe mode.

hdrider74hdrider74 Member Posts: 2
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i have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 4x4 sport with a 46re transmission. one day fuel pump fuse blew had towed home found bad fuse, replaced fuse, jumped in put in drive and truck took off in 2nd gear ( in limp mode). did a bunch of tests finally decided to replace transmission because it was worn anyways. this did not fix the issue. did more tests couldnt find the issue but did find pcm bad with tests in other departments of truck so i replaced pcm. truck still in safe mode. i now get a gov pressure codes 1. gov pressure temp and 2. gov pressure sensor out of range. im out of ideas. i am a 15yr exp mechanic and this has stumped me and transmission shops i have talked to.. anyone have a clue what could of happened


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