Eyesight Went Blind But Did Not Shut Itself Off - Bug on Windshield

whobodymwhobodym Member Posts: 190
edited June 2018 in Subaru
a warning to EyeSight owners who like using cruise control - while I was already used to the situation of fog/frost causing EyeSight to shut itself off and cruise control temporarily not functioning, I had a new scarier form of misbehavior last week for the first time in 20,000 miles. an insect smashed into my windshield directly in front of one camera (where the driver couldn't easily see it) and EyeSight became "blind" but did NOT shut itself off. The only symptom was, the pictogram of a little car indicating "I'm following a car ahead" did NOT light up, even though there was indeed a car close ahead. And my car did not slow down as it should. Windshield cleaning immediately fixed the problem. This is a caution especially for rural light-traffic roads. I had hoped that insects would be recognized as easily as fog and frost but it apparently isn't so.
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