S-Class Warranty Issues

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My girlfriend has a 2003 S600 with about 40k on it. She found out a few months ago that the warranty had JUST expired on the car. Turns out it has LOTS of problems with the engine and transmission. Apparently it was originally a buy-back for transmission issues. She is in desperate need of advice on what to do and if it is still possible to get an extended warranty from a good provider. She is in Los Angeles area also. Any ideas anybody??? Thank You!!


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    As a former MB service manager, I can tell you that most dealers will not accept after market warranty companies, no matter what the warranty companies tell you. Make sure you contact your dealer BEFORE you buy any warranty, and ask there policy.
    The car is covered under a 4 year 50,000 miles MB warranty.
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    Just wrote a $4,595 check to my local MB dealer to pay for the warranty extension up to 100,000 miles or 5 years (which ever arrives first). The auto insurance company is "Millennium" and I was wondering if anyone has had any negative experiences with them. I've heard horror stories with extended warranty companies in general but none yet with Millenium.

    Thanks in advance for your posts!
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    Having worked for several prominent MB dealers over the past ten years myself I can tell you that all legitimate extended warranty programs are accepted not just at MB Dealers, but at almost all other brand franchised dealers. The bottom line is this is more money for their sevice departments!!! I noticed a post from a "former MB service manager" who states that these aftermarket programs are not accepted at any factory authorized dealers, and have come to the conclusion that this guy is either on "crack" or that he works directly for MB financial services and is hoping that you will buy only the factory program which is good but can be really pricey. There are about a handfull of excellent aftermarket warranty programs out there with Millenium being one of them. Another program which is proving to be one of the best in coverage and pricing is Total Shield or also known as Total Protection Plan. And yes, they are being sold through stores in Ca. such as Fletcher Jones Imports(one of the largest MB stores nationwide).
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    ;) Thank you for your last post, very informative and helpful.

    Updating my own post, I did request and received a full-refund ($4,595) from my local authorized MB dealer but did have to call and follow up no less than 3 times. The finance department is in NO hurry to refund your money after commissions are paid, etc. BTW, by law, within 30-days, they HAVE TO refund your money in FULL should you request it by changing your mind.

    I was able to obtain better coverage from my local credit union at a much lower cost. For example; 100,000 miles or 7-Years for $3,000 w/a $25 deductible. The MB dealer was 100,000 miles, 5-Years, $4,595 and a $250 deductible.

    Wow! Not all policies are the same and that's for sure! ;)
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    Several questions for you. What is the name of your warranty program and do they offer coverage for navigation and emission components such as O2 sensors, mass airflow sensors and throttle body?

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    its much better to go with the warranty provider that the dealer offers because if you service your vehicle there regularly and there is an incident that occurs your dealer can have more influence over the warrranty to cover something that would normally not have been covered by your credit union.. you can always negotiate the price of the warranty just like anything else..
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    I have owned a 2000 S430 for almost 6 years and have begun to notice some corrosion at the very bottom of all 4 doors. My understanding initially was that there basically was a design flaw in the S-Class vehicles mostly affecting model years 2000-2003. Appears depending on who does the work that the problem will not go away, but can be repaired for a non-guaranteed life expectancy of say 2 to 3 years if you're fortunate. Could be substantially less life expectancy depending on who I talked to. With further reserach gathering it may be more models and model years, and that Mercedes apparently cut some corners on the paint prep or something along those lines say early 2000's, that is the key reason for the problem?? I also saw a blurb that said that the Mercedes 430 and possibly other models had a galvanized steel warranty for 30 years. Does this actually exist and would anyone know of this 30 year warranty and its usability and where this information can be obtained? I do not see it in an owner's booklets I have. Additionally has anyone gone thru same experience above? If so, was their support/lack of support to cover repair costs thru Mercedes and/or the local dealer via the galvanized steel warranty or some other means??
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    I was hoping somone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2002 S600 with 69k miles. I am trying to find a company that will issue a worth while warranty. I just spent 3000 to replace the spark plugs and passenger side coil pack and would like to cut down on some of the cost I will be facing in the future while enjoying this car. Thanks!
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