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Traction Control light/ABS Light

drew61267drew61267 Posts: 1
edited June 2018 in Chevrolet
Just recently the Traction Control Service came on. It goes off when it is raining out, but on dry days it comes on when I start the car and then goes away after about a mile or so. It alternately comes on when I press the breaks, but only about half the time. I hear no grinding when I press on the brakes, and even when I pressed hard on the brakes to avoid an oncoming car in my lane, the car stopped just fine with no strange vibrations or noises at all. Any help would be appreciated. The car has 108000 miles.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,610
    If it only says traction control, I'd check to be sure both tires on front are the same and not causing the rotation sensors on the wheels to think there's a mismatch in speeds. Normally an ABS warning would be given.

    At 108K mi I'd check the connectors at each wheel sensor as well as the wires that flex as the wind and wheels move them for broken wires inside. But first, I'd have the front wheel bearings checked for wear.

    If you have a worn front wheel bearing, sometimes when the wheels are turned the play in the bearing keeps the teeth away from the sensor or shifts them enough for the sensor to think the wheel speed changed, lighting the service stability warning. The play in the bearings is checked by pulling in and out on the wheel and looking for play more than .05 inch. That was the rule for my 08 leSabre. Rocking the wheel sometimes makes minor play seem bigger than it is. If the wheel bearing gives roughness that you can feel by holding your hand on the bumper or on the spring while someone else rotates the wheel, it's bad.

    You didn't mention any bearing rumbling or groaning as you drove. So a bad bearing may not be what's here, but just worn. Soon to be bad... You might try driving along a building such as a wall along an alley where you can hear the echo from your car as you drive along to listen for a bearing noise.

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