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New catalytic Converter flanges bent

poofpoofpoofpoof Member Posts: 1
edited June 2018 in Ford
Hi everyone, purchased cat Walker 16223 from Amazon. I took a ruler and looked if those 3 mounting flanges are levelled properly before installation. The middleone was higher and 1 on side was tilted about an 1/16". So I sent it back for replacement and thisone has the flange on side also tilted about 1/16" at the furthest end. I am wondering if this is going to straighten it self once heated by the engine where I would have to re-tighten it later on or is it going to stay the way it was made? hose short necks from cat to flanges are pretty sturdy and robust so I am not sure if the heat is going to help to seat its self properly. The original cat flanges is pretty straight so I am not sure if the gasket is going to after some time let those fumes again in my cabin making me sick. Is there any tolerance on gasket to flanges and to the engine head?
Thanks for responds.
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