1997 BMW 740i - I cannot get it to start, problems with the CODE ---- display. Please help

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My 1997 BMW 740i had the parking lights left on over night, so when I got in the car I assumed the battery was dead when it would not start. I tried jump-starting it and turned the key a bunch of times and I think that set something off with the CODE security function. I am not sure if it was asking for the code beforehand, i wasnt paying attention. I then called AAA out there and they checked every reason why it should not be starting and everything was working fine. So I am assuming its this CODE issue. I bought the car from a friend and since its a 97' im sure it has had a lot of owners and no one knows what the code is. Im freaking out because it just wont start and I dont know what to do. Can anyone help? AAA guy also tried disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it and seeing if it would start the car then, and it still didnt. Please help me!


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    When you are referring to "CODE", is that displayed on the radio? If so that is a theft deterrent system in the radio and has nothing to do with the rest of the car. The no-start should otherwise be diagnosed as just a typical starting system failure. So is the starter cranking the engine or not? If it cranks what is missing, spark, fuel?
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    hi thanks for your comment. its displaying on the radio screen as well as on the dashboard right behind the steering wheel where it tells you like "key in ignition" "check coolant" "trunklid open" etc. it says "CODE ----" and the same exact thing on the radio screen. i read in the owners manual and page 88 about the whole code thing and it says on there that it will prevent the car from starting? when I was trying to start the car, I didnt hear it make any noise as if it were fighting to start. just nothing at all. Sorry im not sure if that is what you are asking. I am a 20 year old female who knows nothing about cars.......
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    That "code" is something that is typically set by the user and since you didn't set it, it needs to be cleared. The nice thing is all you have to do is put the key in the ignition and turn it to the #2 position and leave it alone for about fifteen to twenty minutes and the computer will erase that code for you all by itself. The onboard computer should display a count down for you, once it get's to zero you should be able to start it up. BTW it would be a good idea to keep a battery charger on it or jumper cables from another car while you are waiting for it to clear.
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