Yukon xl front end squeak

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I have a 2001 yukon xl. The front end squeaks all the time. I happens when traveling fast or slow, rough or smooth road. Any one help?


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    You may want to try the GMC Yukon XL / Yukon XL Denali discussion.

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    I've gone thru 3 belts on the AC. My husband replaced the tension pully 2 weeks ago. The belt broke 1 week later. Took it to a garage and they called a GMC dealership about the AC compressor and they told him that they've had LOTS of problems with bad compressors. Has anyone else had problems with their compressors on the newer yukons/tahoes'? I've been told an AC compressor shouldn't go out on a 4 year old vehicle! And Sorry, I didn't know where to post this.
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    Hi Keisha40, since your question wasn't about a squeak, I've moved it to the problems discussion. Here's the link:

    keisha40, "GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Problems" #471, 15 Aug 2006 8:07 am

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    I bought my 2006 Yukon last September 2005. Within a month I brought it back to the dealer due to a creaking sound coming from the suspension. I experienced it when braking and weight was tranfered forward on the front suspension and also when turning or going over speed bumps (at very slow speed 2 to 3 mph). The dealer replaced some suspension bushings and the problem went away but only for a short time. It seems to be back again. My theory is that I am used to the fully indepenent susupension on the Ford Explorer while the Yukon has a regular truck suspension. It is a primative and and noisy suspension. Now I'm having problems with the computer that controls the Stability control which then for safety reasons reduces engine power to where the vehicle will not go over 20 mph, and that's on a level surface. If you try to go up a slight hill it bearly will go 5 mph. This is the third time the vehicle has malfunctioned this way and I have now got GM/GMC involved directly because the dealer told me that GM was aware of the problem but "Has no fix for it at this time".
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    On my 2002 XL Denali, I chased this problem for months. I finally found it was related to the parking brake cable as it turns upward between the firewall and the left front wheel well shroud/liner. It seems the cable is "trapped" here and squeaks with any small motion of the vehicle. Sometimes a carwash will improve it, I think by getting it wet and somewhat lubicating it.

    Anyway, I "fixed" it by coating the outside of the cable with grease. This is best done from underneath and placing your hand between the firewall and the plastic wheel well liner just in front of the driver's door. I also wrapped the cable as best I could (it is tight in there) with a small piece of foam pipe insulation. I find this holds the grease there quite a bit longer. I now can go a year without the squeak before needing to put some more grease there (it seems to dry out/wash away with time).

    Good luck. The problem was very annoying before I located it.
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    I have a brand new 2005 Yukon XL w/31K miles. I happened to be looking under the vehicle this past week & noticed all 4 OEM Firestone tires were considerably worn down on the inner most tread. There is a 1/4 inch difference from the inner most tread to the middle to the ouside tread of the tire. All 4 tires were worn down the same exact way. Other than that, the tires look like new & you would not know the difference. I suspect a problem w/the suspension when the car was manufactured from the factory. I took the SUV in to the dealeship I bought the SUV from & was told the suspension was in working in order & that the SUV was not out of alignment. The dealership blamed this problem on a tire defect. This still doesn't explain why all 4 tires wore down the same exact way. Please advise. Thanks.
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    I also have a 01 XL and had front end squeak. It turned out to be the right front shock. Replaced it and went away. They finally used one of those stethascope looking things while they pushed on the car to make the noise.

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    2000 Envoy 4WD
    I've been chasing "the sqeak" for weeks. Lubed the bushings with spray silicone (NOT a petroleum based lube/ eats rubber!!!)

    I also used a wooden dowell as a hearing device.
    I'm changing the shocks now! The frt. pass. squeak is embarassing. Must be salt/sand deteriorating "stuff" more on that side as that's the side the plow trucks push all the road goo.
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    Changed the front shocks.
    I noticed a chafe on the front pass. shock where it was rubbing on something (control arm).I also soaked every bushing, shock mount with silicone spray and greased all fittings.

    Quiet as a mouse now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111
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