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front suspension noises

crissy_53crissy_53 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2018 in Hyundai
I purchased my sonata 2years ago. The dealer sold me the car with chopped tires so I made them replace the tires. Now after 10,000 miles the tires are chopped AGAIN!! Now I notice when I go over rough roads (like my driveway) I hear these noises like as if it is a box of rocks rattling under there!!
So I have the dealer near me look and they say the alignment is good so I said there has to be another reason why the car keeps chopping tires and the noise in the front has to have something to do with this. So in the test ride the tech tells me its the bushings. So they put new ones on....I told the service...I am not buying new tires until I know why this car chops tires cause they are always trying to sell me tires! So I take the car home and low and behold the noise is still there. Now what? Now I am thinking this is crazy. I have had this car gone over 2x. So...I'm going to another dealership and see what they can find until its right!!!


  • tonyg2016tonyg2016 midwest, usaMember Posts: 726
    go join this free forum of hyundai owners. If your car is a 2013, then it is a YF sonata.

    PM a guy named "sbr711" and tell him your issue. The guy is a hyundai tech and he knows everything.
  • tonyg2016tonyg2016 midwest, usaMember Posts: 726
    Also, insert your VIN in the link below for outstanding tsb updates:
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USMember Posts: 898
    I am not sure what you mean by "chopped tires", but if you mean you can feel rough edges rubbing your hand on the tread surface, that is heel and toe wear - and you should be aware that tires will develop heel and toe wear due to torque. It is unavoidable, but it can be excessive if the alignment is even a little bit off. It's a matter of how quickly it will appear and how bad it can get.

    Most folks don't worry about it until it produces noise or a vibration.

    Also, the alignment specs for most cars are too wide, so it isn't unusual for heel and toe wear to appear fairly quickly on cars near the outer edges of the alignment tolerance. Most car dealers go by the published specs - not only because they don't know any better, but also because admitting there might be a chronic alignment problem isn't good for business.

    Also, rotating tires helps keep heel and toe wear under control - as does regular inflation pressure checks.
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