Chevy 700R4 Transmission

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I was wondering if you had to do any tail shaft modifications if you replace your 700R4 with a turbo 400??? Please HElP!!


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    Do I need to connect any wires To the 700R4 Trans Electrical connection. I'm only using the for cruising and don't have cruise control thanks for any help
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    I have an 81 gmc 1/2 ton w/ 305 motor.
    I have a 700R4 transmission from a mid-eighties suburban.
    I want to put the 700R4 in my 81 gmc, but the wires don't match up. Currently I have 2 wires to my tranny but the 700R4 has more wires. how should I proceed?
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    You'll likely need the TCU and the associated harness from the 700R4

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    I have just purchased a 91 1/2 ton 2wd u/p that the transmission doesn't work. A friend has a 700r4 with 25000 mile on it that he swaped out of a 89 camaro with a 350 engine. my question will this camaro tranny fit my 91 u/p with no problems?
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    heres my story:

    bought an '85 k10 scottsdale a year ago. seller said the tranny was freshly rebuilt.

    I took the next year rebuilding the engine, ignition, carb., intake, etc.

    Finally got her running and drove her to the exhaust shop to have the new pipes welded up. When I drove her away from the shop, the speedo didn't work. No big deal, I thought... probably just the sensor got disconnected while the welder was under the belly or at worst, faulty.

    a dozen miles later, the tranny "slips" to 1st gear when should be shifting from 2nd to 3rd and in 1st it stays. If I run it in 2nd... no problems.

    I checked the fluid for the first time since buying (about 100 miles tops)... bone dry. I have added fluid... but no difference.

    So before I buy a new tranny... any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?

    Thanks for your expertise.
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    I recently bought a 68 camaro with a ZZ502 and a 700R4 transmission. The previous owner got the trans from a 98 camaro. The tail housing is the 3 bolt type, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top. The problem is that I'm having trans fluid leaking from the rear most bolt hole on the bottom. I'v checked all around the area to confirm that. Is there a seal or any thing thats leaking or possibly a crack and I need to replace the tail housing? Any answers to this will be greately appreciated.
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    i have a 1991 chevy 1500 its a 350 with the 700r4 trans my reverse is starting to go out i was wondering if a 700r4 ou of a chevy s-10 blazer willfit please help thanks
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    You may want to reference conversion kits on the 700R4...I'm sure you can find something on the net.
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    i have an 88 chevy scottsdale, i am on the 5th trans. in a year, they work fine when i first put them in...but within a week they are slipping not going into gear, the tv cable is adjusted as it says to do it in the book, i figured that i had my tranny lines backwards and figured that would take care of the prob. but it didnt, do any of the electronic brains have anything to do with the trans? i really need my truck for a new job i am starting, so pls if you have any input on this prob...pls. let me know, any info. will help, and it does have a tranny cooler too. :sick:
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    I have a 700r4, I cracked the outer shell on my transmission, took it to a shop to have the inner shell put in a new outer shell. The transmission has only 2800 miles on it. I reinstalled the transmission, I had reverse, put the truck into drive and lost reverse. I then took off the valve body and replaced it with a new one, I got reverse back, and then put it into drive and reverse disappeared again. Both times when I had reverse, I was at a high rev moving very slow. I took off the valve body and checked all the check balls and they are all in place. I have a shift kit in it, so replaced the spring for the pressure regulator out of the front pump. Reinstalled, and made sure the clip ring was in the proper grove. I put everything back together, got reverse put into drive, and lost reverse again. I am stuck. Don't know what to do next....
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    I have a '91 chevy g30 van, 350 5.7lt. The tranny is stamped "Hydro-Matic". I've lost reverse without any warning, ie, No smells, no noises, nothing. All other gears seem to work fine. Hopeing I didn't just loose the tranny. Any help would be appreciated. I really need it for work and I've kept it up very well and don't want to get another van, it runs excellent. Thanks and GOD Bless!
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