Pontiac electronic problems? Here's something to cheack first.

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If your car has any eletrical problems, you should first look at the ground lug's that are located under the kick panel and along the drivers side floor. I had to pull back the carpeting to expose the ground lug that was almost inline with the drivers seat. i then removed it and foung that do to its locateion, it was croaded and eletrolais had eaten away almost half of what appers as a mini buss bar there were 10 crimped /slide on type conections hooked on to it and all this was grounded to the cars body with 1 self taping bolt. I found out after i cut out the junk conections and reinstalled clean single eyelet type lug's and applyed silver-soder to inshuer a posative conection, then with a cup brush i cleaned a 1 inch by 8 inch long space along the stepframe area, its were the floor panel bends up to meet with the door, trying to keep it away from all the wet muck that lives under the carpet padding, YOU WON'T BELEAVE IT, THIS FIXED EVERYTHING and it's been runing perfict sence, ps i also cleared the computer the same time before i started it, i'm shure this will fix a huge amount of the GM eletric problem's
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