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my 2005 4.2 4wheel drive keeps overheating. New parts- water pump, thermostat, fan clutch, radiator and coolant temp sensor.
I can drive it for a half hour or so than it starts to over heat. Gets between the 210 middle and almost to the next major mark. The 3/4 mark. Any idea what is going on? sure could use some help


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    Just guessing here, but maybe something will click and help you. Good luck.

    Was the lower radiator hose replaced? Sometimes those can collapse internally and restrict coolant flow.
    Does that vehicle have a radiator cap on the radiator that can be opened? While it's running, it's dangerous to open the cap without using a towel to open it to the first step to relieve pressure. The reduction in pressure causes the boiling temperature of the water to drop and it can boil explosively to come down to the temperature for that lower pressure. But I would be interested in seeing if the coolant moves through the radiator when the engine is held above idle by someone in the driver seat. That rate of flow could be compared to other times when engine is warm and thermostat is open. If not experienced at that, taking it to a good garage to diagnose is the best solution. I don't want anyone getting scalded by hot coolant.

    Is there a missing or damaged air scoop below the bumper that forces air up in front of the radiator. That reduced air flow at highway speeds might mean overheating especially in higher temperatures and speeds just bare up to 60.

    Does putting the truck into 3rd instead of 4th change the indication of running "warm." I assume you're not getting a red light warning or a readout saying "Overheated."

    Have you connected a device that's common and often used to read codes but can read real time output from the computer? Check the actual computer sensor's reading on the coolant temp by using that device.

    Does the coolant give bubbling sounds when you turn the car off while it's indicating it's actually overheated?

    When Idling during overheating readings, are there air bubbles coming out of the coolant in the reservoir tank as in a leaking head gasket?

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