2000 Buick Park Ave Ignition Lock cylinder

fortysgurlfortysgurl Member Posts: 1
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My Ignition lock needs replacing so I searched GM webiste OEM for my vehicle 89024857 which is in the steering wheel, it states 97-05 Buick Park Avenues ignition lock cylinders fits my vehicle as well. Do anyone know, I am looking for one used with the key. Fortysgurl


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,728
    Your key has a chip (resistor) in it, that is part of the anti-theft system. There are 14 possible key chips (iirc) and you have to match that to your original key because the body control module that reads that value cannot be retrained to accept a different key chip. Your best bet is to take your lock cylinder and key to a dealer parts department that can identify which key you have and either get you a cylinder and keys with the correct chips that will work in your car or build a lock cylinder that your original key will operate that can be installed in your car.
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